Mary Tyler Moore Kinda Mood

After my guy, Theo (I will refer to him as such from this point forward), and I finally got his tweed blazer fitted for alterations we saw a little cave like garden across the street.  And what popped into both of our heads?  Photo op!  Yes, he thought it too - and at the same time no less!!  The man is quickly catching on that pretty much every day, an opportunity to take photos will inevitably pop up...and it did, so we did.

My date night dinner the night before was delish, full of laughing and eating (best combo of things you can do ever by the way) and I fell into bed exhausted hence the birds nest atop my head that I awoke with the following morning.  Instead of going into my normal tearful, insane detangling ritual, I took advantage of the terrrible hair day, dug through my Tiny Closet and found this shaggy, glittery Winter hat.  It was so darling that, to match the mood, I popped on this charming dress coat.    I never, never wear hats but(!) I'd like to change this because I realize they're an amazing accessory and have the ability to really pull an outfit together.

I remember when high-waisted wide leg jeans returned to trend.  What was it, almost 10 years ago?  They broke out like an epidemic but the style seemed to only have two categories: cheesy trashy and slim classy.  And in my opinion, cheesy trashy was much more prevalent...  But I get it, its hard to rock denim that zips up past your navel!  It took me 3 years to find the right ones.  And when you find the right ones, you will look so damn good, you won't care if they go out of style :)  


If you're going to venture into such a trend, do it right.  You gotta hem those suckers to perfection!!  Make 'em kiss the floor without dragging. Also, don't get a pair with a ton of stretch, you'll look like a mess when you stand up from sitting.  Oh my god, the creasing - its as bad as a pair of linen shorts after a long drive.  And buttons are not flattering after sitting either - zippers are the way to go.

These gems are from Habitual and they have juuust the right amount of stiffness to smooth out the tummy and waist and the perfect amount of stretch to showcase the curves.

No one wants pancake ass.

top: AllSaints / denim: Habitual / coat: Forever21 / bag: Gustto / hat: Free People / earrings: AllSaints / shoes: Jill Sander  -- scarf and cuff handmade

This outfit ended up being pretty darn fun to play in.  I looked down at my retro shoes, gave my coat a twirl and thought, "You're gonna make it after all!" - yeah, a totally Mary Tyler Moore kinda mood.

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  1. I really like your outfit, I love your bag and your shoes!

  2. OMG I just passed out! I'm in your blog roll?! :) I LOVE your outfit by the way. Perfect cosyness for autumn days!

  3. RAD outfit!! Love the jacket paired with the jeans, you look absolutely perfect!

  4. Linen shorts after a long drive??? I love the picture that paints!