Shaboom, I Hope We Meet Again!

I've had a number of inspirations that've been brewing in the back of my mind lately.  I tried a new hairstyle a couple weeks ago that I've been wanting to take a bit further ever since.  I've been into the 40s recently - probably due to scenes of Captain America still playing in my head.  I've also been amused with my tendency to dress a bit 90s (some days are more obvious than others) circa first season of 90210 and My So Called Life...

I guess it was my last post (Alexander Wang Rabbit Heel) that finally broke the camel's back and unleashed my urges to bring all these inspirations together.  Too bad it all had to materialize today, a regular ol' Monday.  I was all dressed up and nowhere to go, ladies...Don't you hate that?

I satisfied my 40s obsession by adding a second little bun in the front.  No red lips today - that direction would've just been too obvious with the hair now wouldn't it?  And I can't stand being predictable with fashion cues.  I also added a dash of 90s goth with my top - (its old hosiery with the crotch cut out to make a shirt, can you believe that?)

These booties are my girls!  You've seen them here.  They edge up pretty much any outfit I wear and give my 5'1" stature some oomph!

The clear bag is from Chanel's S/S 2005 I think.  Its a summer bag that I've decided to make a fun posh all-season bag :)
The sheer dress, I usually wear in the summer with little hot pants and sandals and even though its the rage now to wear lil pants under sheer skirts and dresses - hot pants aint cute in 50 degrees soooo 
I got out my trusty leather paneled leggings instead.  
That's right, I also wore them here.

So what if I had nowhere to go today?  So what if I missed Gaga's big Workshop reveal with Barney's?  I couldn't let this blog-worthy outfit go to waste so I walked the catwalk through Pike's Market Place while the farmers closed up, blew a kiss to security and had my own night out!

Black Top:
DKNY hosiery (cut a hole in crotch to make as a shirt)

Sheer Dress:
Sparkle & Fade / Urban Outfitters

Leather Paneled Leggings:

Jessica Simpson


P.S. - I even shot a little video clip of my jaunt in the market.  FYI, I made the fur vest that I'm wearing in the video!  People ask me if its from Barney's. Nope.  The faux fur was $60 for a 1.5 yards.  I cut a big circle and then made two slits for my arms.  Didn't even sew it.  Instant glam!!
Got the idea and directions from P.S. I Made This.

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  1. gorgeous outfit!! nice blog :D

  2. wow you look amazing- that dress has the best sheer panels!!
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  3. You are so beautiful
    First time in your blog and I'm loving it!
    I gonna follow you!!

    Follow me back

    Tiago Aleixo
    @the3rt on twitter

  4. LOVE your outfit!
    your boots are so gorgeous !

  5. Oh wow, thats you on a Monday with nowhere to go. I am tres impressed with the cutout hoisery as a shirt. Love the video too!

  6. I love your hairstyle and the booties! We are about the same height! I am looking forward to the fashion inspiration as I have been in a rut!

  7. I used to be a fashion model. at 6ft 2in tall, I am bigger than life. You are tiny and yet you eat up the camera. You are absolutely gorgeous and the camera LOVES you and you seem to love the camera. Inches of beauty in pint size you are.