Summer Sandals & Winter Coat

Last night my guy and I had our weekly date night.  We went out for dessert and saw the movie, Immortals.  Just a semi-dressy romantic outing but going to see violent, action films on opening night takes me back to high school where the theaters were packed with kids on dates and groups of friends - a young crowd, much like last night...  and I would go with my girlfriends and wear a cute skirt or short dress.  That night, I didn't feel like wearing a dress (I don't have many anyway) but feeling nostalgic, I decided to use my everyday oversize poncho as a dress instead.  Ha!  

Also, I have been in the process of pairing Summer items with my Winter wardrobe.  Why limit my closet by breaking it up into seasons?  I can get the most out of my wardrobe with an all-season closet.  I think meshing the seasons all together is totally doable.  In fact, last night, I took the first step with this theory and debuted a pair of Summer open toe sling back mules to wear comfortably on a November evening.

 I think the sling backs worked well with my wool swing coat!  Summer 2012, I plan to purchase a new pair of sandals but because I want to be able to wear them all year round, the material of the shoe is important.  These sandals work because of their suede exterior and suede and leather are the perfect material for an all-season sandal as these are fabrics commonly seen in Fall and Winter.  

I am careful of sandals made of canvas or any kind of plastic (especially clear) materials as they are more limited to just Summer wear.  I spend much less on these style sandals since I know I can only wear them a fraction of the year.

The poncho was a wee bit short but worked wonderfully.  I think it makes for a modern dress but nonetheless, I wore little hidden black shorts underneath as I am a lady.



Nine West Summer 2009

Calvin Klein

Rebecca Minkoff / (Outlet)

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