Day to Night Tool Kit

Running around my house looking for my nail file, I came across a ziplock bag in my bathroom cabinet today.  It was chock full of random makeup (so there's my M.A.C. coral blush!!), and toiletries.  I instantly remembered my "kit" from the office.

As I've been a working city girl for years now,  it seemed every Thursday or Friday (or both), I had happy hour, date, movie, dinner, etc to go to after work and I always felt so...bland going to these events.  At one point in time it finally dawned on me to make myself a "Day-to-Night" kit.  A little baggie of saving-face makeup and tools for evening play.

1.  Liquid Eye Liner (easy, fast and affective)
Dress up the eyes for post-work dates, and happy hours

2.  Bronzer (I go very easy on this one making a circle with my kabuki brush around my face)
Gives a fabulous glow.  Bronzer does magic in bar/restaurant lighting giving a toned, soft, sexy look

3.  Clear Gloss
Dramatize whatever lipstick you're wearing by sweeping a clear gloss on top

4.  Lipstick (preferably in the rouge family)
It gives a more ladylike look to anything you've been wearing during the day

5.  Tweezers
Edit those brows

6.  Highlighter
Use on the eyes and nose for a beautiful glow

7.  Blush
If you're looking a bit drained from the day

8.  Earrings
I have a pair of cheap dangle earrings to dress up my day outfit

9.  Bobby Pins / Hair Elastics / Hairband
Work great if you're hair has been battling humidity that day or oil build up, like greasy bangs - pin it ip or pull it back!  A girlfriend of mine uses powder shampoo for these circumstances.

10.  Deodorant
Just incase you skipped it that day

Anyway, there were other things in my kit like nail polish, file and tampons and floss (all important, I practically lived at work) but I think those 10 mentioned are pretty universally helpful.

Side Note: Brushes are very expensive.  Ugh.  Since I'm not a makeup artist, I refuse to spend the money on such things.  You can buy the smaller travel versions of brushes and tools, they're much less expensive but luckily I found a site that sells full size makeup brushes for a fraction of the cost: 

My prayers have single handedly been answered in economic makeup application tools.

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