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Monday, November 14, 2011

Christian Bale and Tomato Sauce

Had to run to Blockbuster to pick up a new movie to watch with my guy tonight.  I've never seen Equilibrium but pretty much any film that takes place in post-apocalyptic times is fashion eye candy!  Plus Christian Bale AND Taye Diggs?  Say no more.  I was also running low on tomato sauce which is a serious code red because there is ALWAYS at least one day  out of the week that I crave spaghetti and have to have it.

So back to post-apocalyptic fashion - For me, my favorite fashion decade is this one.  Minimalist modern sets, uniform-like tops and bottoms and not to mention, every shade of gray imaginable - love it.  Its the ABCs of me!  Since this style is seen more commonly in high end fashion: Thakoon, Philip Lim, Alexander Wang, Yamamoto, etc its difficult for me to wear the style exactly the way I want to but I am learning how to slowly turn my closet around...

With these ill-timed errands, I took this chance to create a more casual remix of my outfit from Friday night.

This time I paired my poncho and wool swing coat with a simple pair of leggings and thick sturdy leather heels.   This Asos poncho has an enormous funnel neck about 3 feet long.  When worn, it falls beautifully and looks more like a loose scarf.  It makes an otherwise casual drab jersey poncho look actually a little dressy.





Rebecca Minkoff / (outlet)

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  1. i like your ideas and the style of this blog.

    Check out mine i let me know what do you think about?

  2. Thanks, Clara! I visited your blog and love your collages! Great eye you have.