The Case of The Tiny Closet & Job Attire

Walking through downtown the little lights in the trees are already hanging, the Red Cross street team is on every corner and the holiday dresses and shoes at Barney's and Nordstrom are already twinkling in the windows.  Tis the season to be employed!

Every year I get a seasonal retail job and this year will be no different.  Sure its nuts working retail. In downtown. During the holiday season - but I lust for clothing too much to let seasonal employee discounts and extra cash pass me by, ya know?

And in this economy, its much easier to find a temporary seasonal job then a career (as I am still trying for that one) - But with a Tiny Closet, what to wear, what to wear?  When in doubt, I go minimal.  Because that's basically what I'm already working with, haha!  For seasonal retail, my outfit had much more room to be a bit more creative but with my mother in one ear and Nina Garcia in the other (both angels of course), I think I got it right!

 Recognize the sweater dress?  That's because I have another one in black!  These are incredible for Fall and Winter.  Stylish and very warm.  You can view the black version of this dress here!

My guy calls this shawl the "Jedi Wrap" but its a true classic and actually pretty versatile.  You can view it another way I wore it here

Nicole Bridger boutique / Vancouver B.C.

Sweater Dress:


Kenneth Cole

Metallic Tote:
Gift from a Nordstrom event

Here are my 5 basic key rules for what to wear for a job interview when working with a Tiny Closet:

1.  Shift Dress - they hit a home run every time and you can buy them anywhere if you don't have one (because you should).
Best in Navy, Black, Gray, Brown or White.  And I stay away from patterns because I just don't know about those in interview situations.

2.  Skirt Suit - Pencil or A Line
Best in Navy, Black, Gray or Brown.  Skirt should go to the knees.  Make it lady like with a colorful camisole, scarf or handkerchief

3.  Heels 3" - no higher.
Keep your platforms and sandals at home

4.  Bracelet or Watch - one of each and never both.
I actually prefer a small bangle because bracelets with pearls or charms are noisy and distracting!

5.  Hair  - Usually Up
If you have shoulder length hair, wear down - anything longer should be put in a mid to low neat pony tail or loose bun.

If you have any other golden rules you personally live by, I would love to know... Really I would.  So leave me a comment!  And I ended my day on very positive notes so I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Wish me luck!!!

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