Busy Busy Busy

I finally took some time to dive into ELLE's AW11 Fashion Week recap.  Ahhhh :)  I went through the usual [traditional] string of emotions: pure joy and wonder (pg.13, letter from Editor in Chief), a gasp of awe ( pg.28-9, Burberry Prorsum snowfall), green with envy (pg. 61, street shots), and a giddy concentrated obsessive mess on each ELLE Manifesto and Front Row News section....

And each time I surface out of the rabbit hole, I am resolute that one day, instead of turning the pages of these events, they will instead be happening right before my eyes.  One day :)

My entire evening and night yesterday was quite busy.  Racing from one social event to another, I just barely had time to take a few photos of my impromptu outfit.  I threw it together (carelessly I have to admit) but with the rain pouring down in buckets and the sky looking like dishwater, I was not inspired to be creative.  Why should I when everyone's looking down and speeding down the sidewalk trying not to get drenched [and more importantly, not looking at what I'm wearing]?

So - not my most thoughtful outfit but I did play with textures and I broke out a very stylish parka!  Not too bad in the end.

 This is the only denim shirt I have and its enough.  Why? It has a drawstring so it can be cinched at various levels on your waist or hips for various looks.  Worn loose, it turns into a tunic.  Genius design.  I will be wearing it later with a completely different outfit to show just how versatile it is.  Clothing with versatility is key for The Tiny Closet!
 This parka is extremely light and much better suited for Spring and early Fall.  But for light errands (especially if you are not relying on public transportation) it works in pretty much all weather!

These leggings are for high performance so the quality rises to the occasion.  The most durable leggings I've ever worn and - tummy control, which gives a smooth look under any top.
 My guy works at an art gallery bar so its always fun to stop by when I'm catching happy hour with friends.  I am looking nonchalant on my phone but in actuality, I had just received a job interview request for today!  Eeee!  Out of the places I've applied, this is the one I want the most.  My fingers are still crossed so wish me luck!


Denim Drawstring Tunic:


Jessica Simpson

Rebecca Minkoff MAB

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  1. love love LOVE those boots!
    this is such a good idea, inspires me to stop complaining about the clothes in my closet and try to wear them differently :)

  2. Your dreams are beginning unfold before your eyes.