Romantic Minimalism

I almost forgot... about Valentines Day! 

If you've been following me for a while, you may know that I LOVE this day.  A day of love?  What could be better?
A day to show those who are close to you that they're loved.  By you!  Lovers, friends, family, and secret crushes - Valentines Day is hands down, my favorite holiday.  

 It's also a fave because I love chocolate.  And though candy is the cornier side to this day, like Halloween, the chocolate runeth over - and can be easily attained for free at front desks and lobbies.  Mmmm.
Anyway, I think I love this day so much because I have such fond memories of it from childhood.  My mom would give me a goofy sweet card with homemade cookies or she'd bake a cake.  And my dad would send a dozen roses to my school addressed to me from a "secret admirer" - love dad.

Now in my 30s, those fun Valentines traditions are long gone.  But they've left me with rose-colored glasses when looking at this day each year.  

Still, I celebrate love daily and every time Theo and I go out on a date, I feel like we're still dating.  As a Christmas present, my mother got me a simply stunning bag from Strathberry.  I had mentioned to her that I wanted a tiny little bag for my date nights.  Instead of the beauteous lugs I have for work.  It's not very romantic shuffling through fabric swatches and invoices when reapplying my lipstick at dinner.
So she surprised me and let me pick the color of my new MC Nano shoulder bag.  In the spirit of date night, I of course chose ruby red.
And it's perfect.
 And I also thought it'd be perfect to debut today.  

That being said, this brilliant red is also a fabulous statement color for everyday.  And you know me, my wardrobe isn't a museum - I want to live in my clothes!  Sure this bag will be special for special occasions buuuuut, say for instance a fun day out where I'll only need my phone, Visa, and lipstick?  This MC Nano mama will go with just about everything I own.  Boom! 
 And speaking of going with everything - my Tourist Tunic in white (from The Tiny Closet Shop) is pretty much the coolest thing I own besides my hopeful collection of vintage Levis.  In a place like L.A., it's a seasonless statement piece and considered a basic.  White tees don't have to look like white tees.  I love putting a statement  spin on trusted everyday pieces like a t-shirt and jeans.
I don't have any plans for today.  Not only is my husband half a planet away, my overwhelming workload has left me isolated and draaaaaaiiind.  Last year, I celebrated my love for my work and my professional partnership with Theo - but this year, I find myself needing a vacation from this "devotion" to my business.

I hope you're enjoying your week, and if you're not (like me) treat yo'self to a special Valentines treat, just for you.  Or share it if that makes the treat even better.

Thanks so much for visiting!  And happy Valentines Day to you :)
See ya next Thursday!


  1. Love this look! And Happy Valentine's day to you as well. What's better than a day celebrating love?

    1. Thank you, Faith! Happy Valentines Day to you and thank you for visiting!

  2. Can that shoulder bag be my Valentine? Sooooo cute ��

  3. I just love your style! When will the t-shirt be available on your site or am I overlooking it by accident?

    1. Thank you, Shalanda! The Tourist top will be available very soon! And I'll be sure to announce it when it does. Thanks so much for asking :)

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