Fancy, Feminine Loungewear

I have a way of making virtually any article of clothing I come across sleep-able.  Because why would you wear it if it's not so damn comfy you could sleep in it?  I know it's not what most women consider when shopping but that's certainly one of my core guidelines.
Everything I wear has an air of leisure.  I want to look polished and feminine always but I don't think I should try too hard at it.  And boy do I need to be comfortable to be confident in whatever I wear.  
So why not sporty loungewear?  That's certainly comfortable.  And I did try my best to hop aboard the Oprah-endorsed "Athleisure" train but... you can't sashay into Bottega Louis for a $25 salad and a glass of rosé in Nikes and a hoodie no matter how tailored it is.  It's just not the same.
Ha, but for those interested in getting more acquainted with a higher-end loungewear look, I usually follow these guidelines:
  • Instead of leggings, I opt for peg-leg pants or harem pants.
  • Skip the sweat pants and go for chambray or linen joggers.
  • Palazzos, gauchos, loose mid-length pants?  All great options for loungewear.  And can be paired with any top.
  • Instead of a tee shirt, slip on a camisole or a tee made of linen, crepe or silk. 
  • Skip the sweatshirt and grab an oversize thin cardigan sweater (preferably in cotton or wool)
  • Pair a flat mule with any linen or cotton dress
And forget the rest.  

It's simple, effortless and feminine - and when you get home, you don't have to tear it off in the doorway with a dramatic relieved sigh.

Happy Thursday to you :)  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Yah lookin good girl! Love the suggestions. Great top - color and style. Your hair is great!

  2. I love the look, the color palette and looks sooo comfortable!

  3. You look fabulous! Hair, digs, and all!

  4. Got my eye on this top! I love it.

  5. You are so beautiful, and I love your hair! You are so right about the sweats and tees. I used to have a roommate that would change into the frumpiest looking 'comfy' clothes as soon as she came home. What a mess!

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