A Moment In Leather

Like most Los Angelites, the moments it gets cold in this desert city, we delight in joining in wearing more season appropriate styles like the rest of you... like wearing jackets and coats for instance.
I LOVE this Muubaa leather jacket but I probably wear it twice a year.  It's just too hot to wear it more often than that.  *sigh*  So when we had couple days of high 50s weather, I popped this lover on over one of my newest Winter pieces from The Tiny Closet Shop (The Shopper midi dress) and completed a cool city look with some black sneakers.
This dress is a knockout in heels but I'll leave that to my fabulous customers to rock.  For me, sneakers are the reality.  Even for this lil shoot, I couldn't be bothered with heels!  Maybe because I'm all work and no play these days.  Easy operation is key.
I am resonating with waves lately instead of my fun tiny spiral curls.  It's hard to part with them but I have a rule: when you look in the mirror and you're not totally feeling yourself (vain, I know - but that's the ABCs of me, what can I say...) change it!  A change will do you good.
 The Shopper is still available in my Winter collection!  This is a classic piece and I think it'll be showing up in my Fall and Spring capsule wardrobes.  You can wear this midi dress everywhere!  But I guess the same thing goes for a lot of the clothes I wear...

You guys, it's February!!  Which means I am bursting at the seams in anticipation for Spriiiing!  But until then,

Come back next Thursday for another warm-Winter look!
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  1. Where are your shoes from? I love them.

    1. Thanks Kaye! My friend gave them to me - I think she got them from