How to Wear...Resort Wear

I have been wanting to make myself a little collection of resort wear for the longest time!

I rarely take grand vacations as I realize I spend a lot of my leisure time in and around downtown.  And even though I do go to the Philippines to visit family, I rarely get to rock a clear and present resort look.  So...

I decided to incorporate a "Resort look" into my own Tiny Closet.
Using rich brilliant colors, statement jewelry and an accompanying white anything - I found this type of minor tweaking can really transform any capsule wardrobe!  Now, when I say capsule, I want to iterate that I do not have a capsule closet.  What I have, and what my blog prescribes is 3-4 seasonal capsule wardrobes.  

To briefly describe this (as I will definitely revisit this in more detail in a future post), instead of having 28-32 pieces to wear the entire year with no additions or seasonal changes, I have a "foundation" closet of basics and then each season, I add a few special festive pieces to wear with that base closet.  As each season passes, I store away those seasonal collections for next year and move on to the next season.

Why do I do this?
Well, it certainly didn't use to be this way.  I originally had one wardrobe that took me through the entire year with no additions.  I personally think everyone should try this once - puts a lot of things into perspective.  And the reason I started this blog.  

But now, I have seasonal wardrobes...Because I love to design clothing!  And though I am fundamentally a minimalist, I'm always coming up with something new to wear, both for myself and my shop.  I also choose to have seasonal wardrobes because I adore shopping(!!) but I treat it as a very special privileged event that I save to do for myself a few times a year (like for example, each season).
Earrings: Amarilo Jewelry / Ring: Soko / All clothing by The Tiny Closet Shop

So anyway, once I realized what I could do to create my own resort looks, I flew with that and began creating a fun Spring line reflecting my recent need these days for a bit of glamour and theatrics.  

Because what is Resort Wear if it isn't dramatic?  
I mean it's so themed!  Always reflecting adventure and escape in sunny, far-off tropical or exotic places.

So yes, this Spring, while I'm ubering around in L.A., I'll be dressing like I'm on a camel in Morocco. Because it's actually pretty easy.  Try it yourself:

Resort Wear: A Tiny Guide

Take your existing fabulous closet and ...

1.  Find a white skirt, dress or pair of pants

2.  Add a Fall-hued top (not too bright or you'll look like you couldn't wait for Summer)

3.  Pick a sling-back, mule or strapped sandal (preferably close-toed - again, this isn't Summer!)

4.  Find gold or silver statement jewelry.  Jumbo pearls also work (nothing small - go big!)

5.  Keep hair styling clean and chic.  And... don't be afraid to wear bronzer!  A resort look is all about looking sun kissed.

I hope you enjoyed this little d.i.y. :)
Of course there are a plethora of routes you can take from these few steps so have fun!  

Aaaaand come back next Thursday as I kick off the month of February with something festive...  Thanks for reading!


  1. I love all your resort wear ideas and will plan on stealing your ideas when I go to Palm Springs this summer! Love your designs!

  2. Beautiful look! That deep copper/chestnut looks gorgeous on you.

  3. Damn I love this look !!!!!!!! with the curls plz do a hair blog what you use, your regime etc

    1. Thank you!! I'll definitely keep another hair/beauty post in mind!

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