Silk & Denim

Have you ever had that strange, sparkly feeling that the beginning of something wonderful is happening?  Like, not just something wonderful but something fated.

Okay, before this gets too cryptic, Theo, Finn (our dog) and I were taking a long walk around the city and came across a new shopping center.  I was wearing one of my favorite outfits: The Studio top by The Tiny Closet Shop, a pair of vintage jeans from Virgo, where I buy all my vintage jeans and Chucks.
So we were walking... And the stores in this brand new indie-owned high end shopping center were gorgeous.  And as I passed by an empty store that hadn't yet been moved into, I got a strange and yes,  sparkly feeling that something here was meant for me. 

Actually, the only other time I felt this was a year before I met my husband.  This weird, exciting feeling that I was fatefully walking towards him already.

And then, there he appeared.  
I don't usually share like this - and we weren't intending on taking photos - but there we were, walking by these artful shops and I felt like there was some serious foreshadowing going on.  

Life is so interesting and everyday really is full of possibilities.  I've always flown by the seat of my pants with very little planning and a whole lot of heart and curiosity buuuuut

Lately, it's been nice walking in a more finite direction.  With more intention.  Anyway, our walk that day solidified my current feelings.  About my shop, my clothing line, and realizing that my hobbyist nature has grown up a bit and decided to commit to something!  Yasss honeys - I did not come to play!
 So this is a random post this week - I had planned to discuss something slightly different but I shoot from the hip and old habits do die hard.  A favorite of my posts comes to mind that may be helpful to read (if you haven't already).  It discusses one of my Tiny Closet truths in dressing to improve your life and if this post was too random - check this one out and I hope it inspires.

Thanks for reading!
Join me next Thursday as I begin to glamorize my closet and my life for the new year :)


  1. You're living my dream, good luck with the next jump!

  2. I'm super excited for where this feeling is going to take you!

  3. I think you're awesome& I love this post : )

  4. Yes that feeling happens to me all the time. Good luck on your new adventure

  5. And when, and if you decide to open a brick and mortar...I will fly in for the grand opening!

  6. your picture are amazing. You look amazing, how do you edit? please share.