At Home In White

 I've always loved wearing white.  I love it so much it's actually a celebratory color - I wear it every year on my birthday.  It's a color that makes me feel regal and effortless and I find I only wear it when I'm subconsciously feeling confident and beautiful.

It would be fitting that I made my favorite dress in white.  Lately, I've been feeling quietly fabulous.  Meaning, not sensational or ecstatic but, well...confident and beautiful.  A lot of both.
I've been feeling calm and natural and I guess this is only worth mentioning because for the last few years, maybe even the last several years,  I.have.not. felt any of the above mentioned.  At all.  I've surely tried my hardest to be collected, to not worry so much that it changes my spirit.  To embrace all that I'm born with, to look in the mirror and not be so ready to change what I see, to take care of my first so that I am fit to help others.  Up until now, it has been an arduous (whew!) task and most times, an impossible one. 

But nothing is quite as blissful as the feeling of doing all of those things naturally.  Feeling a natural inclination to live and let flow.
To go with the flow!

So this dress has more meaning than usual.  The setting of these photos, how I'm wearing my hair...  As a blogger - a recorder of my personal style and fashion conquests, I've taken way too many photos of myself to bare to count or even think about.  And I don't spend too much time studying them.  But this shoot was 15 minutes in my parents home, unplanned, in the most natural setting I realize (a bedroom and a bathroom).... and girl, I am FEELIN these photos!!!

I laugh out loud as I admit this but I've probably looked at these photos a dozen times and smiled.

I felt happy, peaceful, natural and beautiful during this shoot.  And let me tell you, I don't know when the last time I felt all those things  - and at the same time!
So it's very fitting that I would wear white on that specific occasion, even though I didn't put it all together till now.  

This dress will actually be available in the shop on Thursday in limited quantity - just because I felt so good wearing it.  And perhaps a few others will feel the same when wearing it too.

Happy blissful Monday to you.


  1. I am happy you are feeling as beautiful, light and playful as I always tend to see you. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It's very cute! I love how you design, sew and model all your own clothes. You are amazing girlfriend!

  3. Your confidence and beauty looks fabulous on you!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Modiki! The lipstick I'm using is Art Stick in Sunset Orange :)