Holidays In The Tropics

December was a blur for me...  And already I find myself in mid-January!  After cranking out a record volume of orders at The Tiny Closet Shop, I closed up for the holidays and flew to The Philippines to celebrate New Years with some family.

Secret beaches, juicy mangoes, 90% humidity, and all the coconut water you can pick - clothes were the last thing on my mind.  Oddly enough, I found more reason to wear jewelry.  

On some days, I was wearing more accessories than clothes.  When in Rome...
One accessory in general was a new favorite gold body chain from my friends at Haati Chai.  

This thing is so sexy!  And feminine.  And a bit glamorous - all at the same time.  If you've been following me for a while, you probably picked up that I don't go for overt sexiness.  Just isn't me.  This simple, sensual chain is effortless in the sense that it doesn't beg to be seen.  Under a lacy camisole, cotton tank, tube dress, slip dress - whatever you like.  It's a necklace's sensual cousin.  And even a bit edgy.

I'd fall asleep in it and wake up feeling like a cool girl.
With this simple statement piece, I knew it'd be perfect with my even simpler crisp white one-piece swimsuit.  All the deep cuts in the suit were prime real estate for this glittery gem!

It's been nearly a month and I am finally back in the states.  Back in L.A. where my work is waiting for me to begin.  Let's get to it, 2017!

Lots more holiday photos to come so I hope you'll visit again on Thursday!
See how I took a mere backpack full of clothing and made outfits to last me over 20 days :)


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    1. Thanks Lisa! It's actually just a lot of direct sunlight and humidity - with no sunscreen, I get an awesome color for a couple days and then it turns to leather! lol

  2. Oohh where is this swimsuit from? I'm been looking for a simple suit with great cuts

    1. Hey Tina! I got this swimsuit from American Apparel. So simple and sexy. I absolutely love it. As a leotard with jeans and at the beach, it's perfect for my minimal style.