Pardon Our Dust

The scheduled feature I was excited to show-and-tell has been postponed till Thursday. :(  So instead, I'll talk about something else exciting that's happening.  

I'm currently undergoing a major makeover...
My design space has, ahem, grown out of the current corner of our loft so we are now moving it into our second room where it will be a proper design/sewing/fitting studio.  Can I just tell you


Lots of plans will finally be materializing over the next months and I will try my hardest to share the highlights visually with you the whole way.

I'm so embarrassed to show you how cluttered and "real" my workspace is but I'm showing it with no photo shop or filters to reinforce the truth that you truly have to start from somewhere.  And I am definitely still neck deep in start up mode.  But lemme tell ya, I started with nothin.  Well, actually I started with a sewing machine...  And now it's a dream to see it growing and evolving before my eyes.

Plus this will be a fun Before/After story when we're all finished.  10 years from now ha!  I hope it doesn't take that long to complete this room.
We are painting the concrete floors a bright white for shoots and for working more easily with different textiles and fabrics.  
White on white.

And starting yesterday, I peeked into Pandora's Box of organization culture: The KonMari Method, which is the Japanese way of organizing one's space and home.  Now what's awesome is The Tiny Closet actually employs the same brutal rules of letting go of "having things" and throwing out literally anything that doesn't bring you joy - but this girl, Marie Kondo is downright spiritual about it and she teaches a cyclical ritual that when you get the hang of it, you look at "things" very differently.

I love it.  And you should too!

I will dive into this concept and lifestyle choice later but for now, I wanted to give you a peek into the early messy stage of my business makeover.  

Wish me luck and come back on Thursday where I'll be showing how to take a party dress from day to night.  


  1. Good luck chica! Call me if you need a model, hehehe =)

    Leslie / @hautemommie / www.thehautemommie.com

  2. Ahhhhhh. So happy for you. Your "dust" is pardoned...

  3. I love seeing other maker's studios, whether they are a corner of a dining room or a stand alone cottage! Have fun creating your new space!

    1. I love it too! Thanks Sue - yeah it's so inspiring seeing creative spaces. I don't think I've come across one I didn't care for LOL which makes for so many options, yikes!

  4. I love love your space. Cannot wait to see the finish product.Good luck ;)