Cool & Cozy

Whew!  I have been inundated with my shop these days, guys.  So blogging has been a challenge as of late. With designing and sewing for 12 hours a day, my life has become majorly imbalanced.  Currently trying to level out the yin and yan right now.  

Anyway, I whipped up this super cool, super slouchy v-wrap jersey top.  Ummmm, what have been wearing before this???  This thing goes with everything!  Short, jeans, leggings, yoga wear, casual dresses.  It can be used as topper for an ensemble or as an actual top.  It's so awesome and so wearable, I put it in The Tiny Closet Shop for others to wear and enjoy.
Have I talked about THIS HAIR yet??  Wow!  Speaking of busy, my hair has gotten to a very weird and unsurprisingly awkward length (why do I keep buzzing my hair?!  The grow out is agony!) and I just can't anymore you know?  So this super curly ponytail has been a life saver, ok that's dramatic, it's given me a triple-shot of umph to my mojo.  I pull my hair back when I get out of the shower, clip this baby on and go.  
 As I'm preparing for December, it's really starting to feel like December here in L.A. and normally, I'm very unprepared.  But this time, I've been planning and re-styling so I'm so excited to show and tell my Cali-Winter ensembles.  Those of you on the East Coast, this will be amusing I'm sure as I prepare for eek!  60 degrees!  But for those of you out her in the Southwest, maybe it'll be useful!

Come back on Thursday for more!


  1. That top is giving me life...
    We know you're busy and loving all the artistic manifestations. But, find balance.

  2. I can't wait to get mines in the mail! I am in LOVE with this <3 This is going to be my perfect staple piece.