Style In Everything

I have always valued style over fashion.  Fashion is a river of art, collaboration, and extremely fast-paced creativity.  Constantly flowing, and leaving as fast as it came.  But style...Style is yours.  And yours alone.  It's complete freedom to interpret fashion however you please. 
Blessed are those born with knowing how to express it!  Support and encouragement to the rest of us who are having a blast playing along and learning one day at a time - our own style.  What's wonderful about style is it's your personal stamp.  Your flag.  Wave it proudly!  And all the time!  There's never an unstylish affair.  Every moment is a moment to express.  Sound exhausting?  It doesn't have to be.  The more you act like you, and think like you and look like you, the more you'll be you.  And that's where style originates and grows.
And even while times are getting hectic and I'm hard at work preparing for the holidays and keeping these lights on, I've been making sure I'm doing it all with style.  Not because I have to but because work is hard and life gets messy but it makes me happy to be original and express myself authentically.  Even on those days when stepping out to get a bit of fresh air means walking down a back alley to the bodega to get some eggs and milk. 
Some white jogging shorts, a cropped tee and my new favorite duster I designed last week to perk me up in those daily mundane moments when I have nowhere to go and nothing to wear.
 This was the perfect look for a day of staying at home and romping around my hood.  

Now back to work!  Today is a big day as I just released my second piece for the seasons and the beginning of my first Fall/Winter collection.  You can check it out here.  Happy shopping!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you love my newest piece in The Tiny Closet Shop!
Happy Monday :) 


  1. I went to purchase the new item and it says it's out of stock. Is it sold out already?

    1. Hello Joelle! The item is now in stock again. Whew! Thank you for commenting! Happy shopping to you :)

  2. Aw I am loving these pictures~ I love this white duster it is so cute. Are you making any plus size clothing ?