Summer Jewel Tones

Last week I did a little ad campaign on my social networks for my now favorite lingerie company, ThirdLove.  When they contacted me regarding their famously well-fitting tee shirt bra, I think what really grabbed me on top of the gorgeous color and added lace embellishments was one of their slogans,

"Put it on and forget you're wearing it."

...Something I've said time and time again about one's wardrobe - and truly Tiny words to live by.  So I was intrigued and then, after putting it on, I was sold.  So much that I decided to share more about it.
These photos are some that were used for the campaign and really inspired me to play with jewel tones with a Summer aesthetic.  

Deep tropical greens and blues and a brilliant, purple burgundy under a shaded canopy of palms.  Dress it with a rich pigmented lip color and the darkest green nail lacquer you can find!  A nice alternative to the usual bright hues of Summer.  Deep colors can come in the lightest, whispiest of fabrics and I intend to explore this!
 I stopped listing the brands and designers I wear here on the blog a long time ago.  At the end of the day, my photos, my words, this blog is only here to inspire one to live a simpler, more authentically stylish and realized life for themselves.  It's not about going out and buying what you see here really, it's about how you wear your clothes and how it makes you feel.  

But in this case, girl, I gotta tell you - get this bra.  

Mine is called the "24/7 Lace T shirt Bra" and I put it on and indeed, forget I'm wearing it.  It's comfortable, it's beautiful and it disappears seamlessly under nearly everything.  Plus, when you take it off, it doesn't look like some dingy old Band-Aid.  It looks like lingerie.  Lingerie for everyday.


  1. Can you please share what you've done with your hair? Is it jerry curled?

    1. Hi there! I will be sharing my updated hair style and maintenance soon I promise! LOL - long story short, it is not a jerry curl but very similar. It's a Brazilian Blowout. I got it done so I can go more easily back and forth from straight to curly styles. A BB just makes it easier to have more versatility. Thanks for visiting!

    2. Oh really? I never heard of it before, I had to Google it. It looks really good on you! Looking forward to your routine :-)