Can't Fit Your Clothes? A Tiny Solution

A few weeks ago, as I was slipping on my jeans one morning to take the dog for a walk, I noticed something.  Effort.  A lot of effort.  "What the heck?" I said out loud to myself as I yanked the last button closed on my 501s.  Since I succeeded with getting them on, I disregarded the effort as a fluke and moved on.  Wouldn't ya know, as soon as I leaned over to tie my shoes, this "fluke" turned into a 5-inch rip (and growing) down the side of my inseam...

With cautious optimism, I tried on another pair of jeans.  Nope. Couldn't even get them over my butt, which had apparently expanded overnight.  Anyway, I won't bore you with the details, we've all been there (right? RIGHT??).  And whatever size or shape you are, it's common to sometimes find your wardrobe fitting a bit loose or tight throughout the seasons.  Or in my case, fitting like a vice-like grip. 

No I am not with child.  I am with Klondike Bar.

I quickly grabbed some sweatpants, put on my shoes with comfort and ease and headed out the door.  I later slipped on a more appropriate pair of black leggings to have drinks with friends that night.  The thing is, I didn't want to wear leggings that night.  I didn't want to wear sweatpants on my 80-degree dog walk that morning.  How is a style-blogger like myself feeling defeated in leggings and sweatpants?  

I thought, while I don't currently have access to my usual go-to jeans and shorts, there's got to be something beautiful and stylish I can wear and feel great in in the meantime!  So I rummaged through my oh-so-Tiny Closet and found some answers.  I put together a few key elements of items that most women can access in their own Tiny Closets when their wardrobe has become, you know, like temporarily limited.

Can't quite get into your favorite tailored dress or high-waist skirt?
Wear a maxi dress instead:
With a plethora of heels, sandals, wedges, mules, booties and flats, maxi dresses can be a fabulous substitution for many different occasions.  I can wear this baby to the beach, to dinner, to lunch and also to the grocery store.  Jeans be damned!

Your cocktail dress too tight?
Wear a loose Summer dress instead:
 Summer dresses are usually of the linen and cotton family so they definitely tend to look on the casual, fun side.  But its transformation is all in the accessories.  I layered two long necklaces with this Summer dress and opted for simple black sandals to go to a dinner party.

Is the "Athleisure" look not your thing?  Wanna skip the leggings and sweatpants diet?
Wear dress pants and skirts with elastic waistbands:
 These silk pants with elastic ankle bands and an elastic waist band save me!  I can wear them with sky-high strappy sandals or I can pop on some Keds and go.  I chose to wear them casually in this post to show that they're a great alternative to leggings or yoga pants.  And make a great sub for jeans and fitted pants.
 And this chiffon skirt has an elastic waistband (yay!) so I can pull it on during those times I can't wear my denim mini or my favorite leather midi.  This does the trick in helping me look feminine and flattered even when I'm feeling neither of those things.  And with a slouchy loose jersey tee, good for hiding ones love for late-night Ben & Jerry's, I can tuck the tee in a bit and give it some extra style.
So!  I hope this was helpful to those out there finding themselves in the same situation.  What are you gonna do, go out and buy more clothes?  Save your money and put your Tiny Closet to more 
creative use.  Keep it simple, keep it light, keep it easy.  

I have been working so hard on my upcoming designs, I forgot to post!  Eek!  Sorry for the late post.  
Come back on Monday for all new stylings and designs :)


  1. Excited! Looking good, Natalie

  2. I too have needed to look in a new direction for summer. I finally found a couple of pairs of shorts. But I'm going to crank up the sewing machine and make some. And I really want a maxi dress like yours. Great ideas.

    1. Now that's what I'm talkin' about. My machine has helped (even saved!) me through the years. Keep your eyes peeled for the maxi dress in my new collection!

  3. Great casual looks that keep you looking (and hopefully me) looking great.