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Just before Summer started cooking' up everything over here, Boho Bags The Original contacted me inviting me to campaign one of their fun, leather bohemian bags.  I'm pretty picky when it comes to bags.  I mean, it's got to go with pretty much anything and everything I own.  Because I only have one.  And that has always been fine with me.  But when it comes to Summer time with all the festivals, fairs, beach days and farmers market sprees, I realize I prefer taking a more fun and casual bag rather than wear down my more elegant week-day bag.

So when I eyed this awesome, fringed, made-for-Summer boho bag (in white!!!) I knew it would fit perfectly in my Tiny Closet.  Especially with my Summer capsule wardrobe.
It also goes amazingly with my newest creation:
This cocoon robe.  The most colorful, amazing print I've ever worn.  And I just haaaad to wear it yesterday to take these photos on our lunch and sweaty walk.  

Meant to be a super light robe to wear over my classic white swimsuit and jeans, I was sorely mistaken when I popped this robe over because I was sweating in minutes!  Ugh, it was so pretty though - and I was so proud of my work that I suffered through the heat.  Not my most effortlessly, chic moment as I'd intended but I loved wearing it.  I know now that this beauty can only be worn in 75-degree weather or cooler.  Which is doable.  85 degrees - not doable.
Ah, but my boho bag did fabulously with my suit and jeans.  It'll be perfect for light trips to the beach and shopping for cool rings under the crowded tents at Melrose Market.  This bag is already the essence of my Summer 2016!
So check out Boho Bags The Original for a closer look.  They actually have a ton of colors but with all this sun, I felt white hot leather was in order.   And also, it goes so beautifully with my new robe!!

Enjoy the 4th of July weekend!
and speaking of Summer...

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  1. Will you make this robe for sale one day? I absolutely love this!