When Feeling Blah...

I know, I know - I cannot stop wearing my new cropped Summer Tees!!  I promise this will be the last time I post (for a while) these white tees.  Sooooo

One more time!
The weather was blah and I was feeling blah when I took these photos.  But I do have to say, while grabbing some coffee in the Arts District, I was comfy and thinking I looked wonderfully chic in this understated duo so we went ahead and snapped some shots.  

No, it doesn't jump out of the computer screen and slap you in the face with inspiration but these pieces are part of my capsule wardrobe for Spring/Summer.  Interchangeable, simple, and light as air.  

And although Theo hates the color of these pants, I love it! I found the fabric and immediately thought a pair of sandy colored lounge pants would be in order.  Just ignore the bottoms, I haven't taken the time to hem them.
It's so much fun flipping through runway collections and blogger street-style feeds.  All the flash!  All the colors!  All the artistic expression!  But it's also comforting to be reminded of my root motivation in fashion and style because whether I like it or not, it's this.
 Yes, simple is the ABC's of Me.  

Sometimes, I wish I was flashier, edgier but in the reality of day-to-day life, simple comes naturally and I remember there's other gals like me out there reppin' their stone colored peg leg pants, sandals and a tee and feeling pretty good about it.
 And I do too :)


  1. Love the tee, too. Wish I had your eye and could adjust my tees based on my body shape, which is miles different from yours. I get it, though. Tees are comfy. It's hard to tell what color the pants are: they look like off white to me. Do you have any tee length tips for different body shapes? (waist height, and backside dimensions)

    1. Thank you, Sandy :) I'm definitely no expert, I actually just experimented A LOT. What I would do in your case is go to as many stores as possible and simply try on their tee shirts. I'm talking from Old Navy to Barneys. From department stores to boutiques and figure out what cut is best for you. Do you have a short torso? Do you have long legs? Do you have a larger bust size. These are all things to consider when choosing different styles of tees. What do you want to hide? What do you want to highlight? They have long tees, boxy tees, tapered, bias-cut, draped, etc - and then they have different necklines and sleeve lengths as well that can make a surprising difference. Just try on as many as possible and I bet you'll find or get closer to what you like to see yourself in.

  2. I would wear this in a heartbeat!! I <3 <3 simple. It's my favorite way to dress. Simple, but still interesting. You nailed it. Beautiful backdrop for your photos too.

    1. Thank you so much, Andrea!! So happy you like this!

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