A Day at The Museum

One random morning last week, Theo and I decided to stroll over to Bunker Hill and have coffee outside the Broad - the newest modern art museum in L.A..  Our neighborhood has become a playground for us.  New restaurants, cafes, bars, galleries popping up every day it seems.  And since we are obnoxiously diehard city folk, we're constantly out and about trying it all.

On our way to coffee, we stopped by a new French bar/boutique and spied the most adorable fisherman hat.  Hats!! I completely forgot about them and since I'm pretty sure my lil haircut is here to stay awhile longer, I think I'll be collecting a few.  This is the perfect one to start my collection and I decided to wear it right out of the store.

While sipping' cold brews and clickin' pics, a friend came to join us while on his break working at the Broad and invited us in (!!) no tickets, no waiting.  An impromptu trip to the museum!  As we walked past the line of people wrapped around the building, I was thrilled at our luck to be able to go right in!

 And even more thrilled when I found myself surrounded by none other than my most favorite painter, Basquiat.  I just stood there in complete heaven.  For the first time I stood directly in front of original Basquiat paintings.  My whole week was made.  Made!

After a few hours, I realized I'd only had coffee since I woke up.  In fact, our little jaunt to get coffee was only supposed to be half an hour.  It was the afternoon when we finally left so we decided to check out a new Korean restaurant that opened in Chinatown called Chego.

Anyway, a new hat, a headful of creative inspiration and a new favorite restaurant.  I've also been loving my off-shoulder necklines.  I think everyone is at this point - off-shoulder tops and dresses are so feminine.  Hopefully the trend will not become dated because I'd like it to be a classic signature in my closet.  And since this new hat of mine hasn't become an epidemic yet in the states, I am delighting in being the few sport it here.  And if you can pull it off naturally, pretty much anything can be made timeless anyway, ya know?

Happy Monday to you :)


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  2. Hi, will you do anymore YouTube video ? It's missed 😔

    1. Hi Susana! I'm flattered that my videos are missed. I do plan to do more but I'm not sure just how many of them will be about hit since I don't have much of it anymore LOL. More to come soon though.

  3. Love the hat! It actually compliments your cut. The art is amazing, the food made me hungry...looks like an awesome way to spend the day!


  4. Good Day Natalie,

    Let me say... the hat looks gorgeous on you!!:) Also, I would like to know which filter you use on your pictures?

    Thanks, xx

    1. Hi Anylise :)

      I use all sorts of filters and sometimes even layer them - but to try to answer your question best, I am typically drawn to Provia and Superia in VSCO. Thanks for reading!

  5. Great hat, great post! Always to check to see your latest ideas, photos and musings. Awesome hair and outfit - love the shoes!!!

  6. I love your style and this blog, I wish you could be more consistent with your posts. I believe in you.

  7. Love this little hat and your photography is amazing!

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  8. great post doll Wasidah www.fitnessfashionfabulous.com