Investing In The Everyday

Over the holidays, I finally pulled the trigger in getting myself an everyday lipstick.  For a while, I'd been wanting to find a lip color that I would wear everyday as my signature go-to.  Problem was, I never wanted to put in the time and energy of basically trying on as many colors and brands as possible until I found one that had the  perfect pop.  
Well, I finally did and I found it!

Instead of going through every brand I knew, I actually narrowed it down to packaging.  Which led me straight to Tom Ford.  Truth is, I've wanted to own something from his cosmetics line since the day it debuted - simply because of the exquisite packaging.  I don't experiment too much at all with cosmetics.  I've been wearing Bobbi Brown since middle school and picked up some gems from Armani along the way and  But I'd be happy with just one luxury, special item from Tom Ford.  

And if you're going to spend over $50 on lipstick, why not have it be a color you wear every day, right?  

So after trying on a dozen shades, I arrived, pleasantly surprised at 


Whenever I apply makeup, Finn becomes very critical.  

An everyday color for an everyday gal.  And I don't care, whatever I'm doing or wherever I'm going this color is my power color!  My new signature lip.  No more sifting through lippies too bright and too casual, this one is perfect for every occasion.  And one you'll for sure be seeing more of in my upcoming posts.

Ignore the trends, ignore what you fantasized about and just go for what looks great, fabulous, amazing on YOU.  I would've never picked this color otherwise.

Showgirl.... who'da thought?


  1. It's beautiful on you.

  2. I love the intensity of Finns gaze as he waches you put on lipstick. Dogs are the greatest

    1. I concur. I've yet to purchase me a Tom Ford lipstick, too, Natalie. When I do, all the others may get trashed because....... $50.

  3. You've inspired me. I am a lipstick fiend myself, but I don't have a "signature" color for everyday wear. I have this mindset that lipstick is for "dressing up" and not for everyday wear. I feel like a showoff when I wear bright colors lol, but I never looked at it as a pick-me-up which is really what it does. So yes, I'm going to find my signature shade too:) Thanks!

  4. I like that you chose a bright lip as your 'power color'. Finn is handsome.