Tiny Obsessions

One of my Pinterest boards is titled, "Tiny Obsessions".  Just a bunch of things I don't own that bring me joy and imagination when I look at them.  Yesterday afternoon, I thought it would be a wonderful change to make a physical board of tiny obsessions - things -  around my home of things I actually own and love.  

And show and tell them here.

Sketching designs and writing to-do lists is so much more fun when your no. 2 pencil is covered in whimsy.   An incredibly involved coloring book is fit for a long afternoon at home or a midnight flight to, hmm... Iceland perhaps?

Thank you cards and notes of love, a gorgeous vintage typewriter, and a newly adopted orchid that showed up on my kitchen table one day.

Walking through Little Tokyo, I came across the most charming set of cups!  So, so, so adorable.  I couldn't leave without them.

This board, or physical set I made of beautiful things already in my home is a nice reminder that I don't always have to look far and wide and maybe even pine over greener grass.  It's all around me.  Ready to be enjoyed everyday :)

Hope you enjoyed this colorful board of things I'm currently obsessed with.  If ya wanna see a curated board of things I've found on the web to obsess over, take a look at this board here

And.... have an absolutely lovely day.


  1. Thanks so much Natalie. This was refreshing and I love how you curated and presented the items. I'll check out your pinterest board and looking forward to many more posts like this one. Love, Love the pencils and the cups.

    1. Thank you for visiting! And for checking out my Pinterest page!

  2. Wow, I haven't visited in awhile. Natalie cut her hair. Looks very nice. I like. I'm going to venture backwards and see what I've missed.

    1. Thank you!! Yes indeed, I cut all my hair off LOL - glad you like :) Have fun visiting and thanks so much for coming back and catching up!

  3. I'm now obsessed with that Frida Kahlo inspired fabric!!