Around The Clock Off The Shoulder

Y'all know your girl loves her one pieces.  I've already picked up a few more this year!  This one in particular was on my wish list and I was thrilled to get it.  Why?
Well, can't you tell?

I can wear this 'round the clock, baby.

Photo Left - jumpsuit: / shoes: Keds  earrings: AllSaints  Photo Right - vest: vintage (Buttons & Bows) / jumpsuit: / heels: Santee Alley / necklace: Chanel (bracelet)

I thought I'd prefer this lil' off the shoulder jumpsuit just as a kick-around, farmers-market-hopping, throw-on-and-go piece.  But I also ended up equally loving it as evening and event wear.  The simplicity and versatility of this thing is fabulous and it's off-the-shoulder design gives it a permanent look of femme and elegance.  I don't even have to try!  And that ladies, is effortless.  Literally.

This mid length vintage linen vest ended up being so fun and perfect as a topper for this jumpsuit.  Like a Summer jacket.  And these python pattern sandals, while they don't make many appearances, I found they pair better with this piece than any other item in my closet.  A wonderful S/S evening ensemble.

This is the second posting of a new feature I've been enjoying.  A feature sharing and showing the capabilities of a truly Tiny closet!  Keep visiting for more style workouts and while you're at it, join me and flex your style muscles!  See if you can style just 3 or 4 items from your lil closet for the whole week.  No matter how many events are on your calendar this week, see if you can keep it Tiny and make them last.

Happy Monday, guys!  Wishing you a wonderful week!


  1. That is one super piece. I think this jumpsuit could surely be worn hundreds of ways depending on accessories, outer garments and layered under things. Love how you wore it. I'd like to see more of this garment.

    1. Thanks Sandy! I so love the versatility of it. It makes me want to wear all the accessories that I forget to put on!

  2. I no longer believe your closet is tiny....

    1. LOL! But it is though, I promise!! Haha :) Every time I get a new piece for my wardrobe, I donate an item I already have. My closet is as tiny as the day I started this blog but I'm not as limited anymore. Instead of adding, I simply replace! I actually talk about it in my post, "The Colors of Fall", in my archives. Thanks for visiting, Penelope!

    2. I second Penelope White. The jumpsuit IS versatile and I like your styles with it.

  3. I purchased those heels and returned them. Seeing them on you makes me want to go back and get them.

  4. I love this look and your style! So classy!