A S/S Jumpsuit For S/S Occasions

Photo Left - jumpsuit: Diane Von Furstenberg / earrings: Roman Luxe for Karla Deras / flats: Urban Outfitters / bangle: street market  Photo Right - jumpsuit: Diane Von Furstenberg / earrings: Whitney Stern Jewelry / coat: Mason / heels: Ivanka Trump

The other week in Silver Lake, after some amazing conversation and a pot of super caffeinated chai tea with a dear friend, we decided to catch up with the Tuesday Silver Lake Farmers Market.  There is a stall at the very end of the market that my friend and I die for and, with my heart still racing from that damn chai, I spied a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg jumper, practically begged my friend for it - as she spied it at the same time - and bought it without even trying it on.  All within 5 minutes.

 But you know, it was worth it.

Although it was definitely an impromptu buy, I've become somewhat of an expert at curating versatile, eclectic pieces for my Tiny Closet that can be mixed with almost anything.

When facing a splurge or impulse buy, the two questions I ask myself are:

1.  "Do I have to buy anything else to complete this outfit."
the answer should be no.

2.  "Are there at least 5 items already in my closet that I can wear with this?"
the answer should be yes.

For another occasion, I styled a slightly more formal trio made up of suede olive heels and a classic trench.  This jumpsuit has the look of resort wear.  So even a more sophisticated ensemble looks leisurely.  

With all three pieces being as versatile as can be, I was able to comfortably buy this jumpsuit without fretting that it wouldn't have a place.  And I've given the other pieces in my closet more purpose and dynamic.

Having guidelines set in place for a Tiny Closet, an impulse buy shouldn't be something to feel bad about.  It should be something to  celebrate because you're like, pretty much a pro, you know?


In my last post, I mentioned some new plans, a campaign(!) for the Tiny lifestyle.  And today, I'm kicking off showcasing how I shop, match, and style all my treasured pieces together, over and over, old and new!

So come back Monday for more on this fun little feature!
Oh the possibilities...


  1. I love hearing about your process! That's one of the things that drew me to this blog, along with the beautiful photography. Learning how to *think* about fashion. That's such a good tip, asking yourself those 2 questions about an item you're adding to your collection. I have a lot of unworn things in my closet now that didn't pass the test lol. But they sure look nice on the hanger. I want to get better about expanding my definition of what "goes together" and getting more use out of things.

  2. That jumpsuit was a REAL find, like happening upon a classic Cartier tank watch - a must purchase! I love the way you've paired it and can absolutely see all the items shown taking on many (great) looks!

  3. The jumpsuit is very nice. When you find something like that.. You have to go for it. The flats you are wearing in the first few pics are cute!

  4. You look beautiful as always!!! I love how you styled your jumpsuit

  5. And it is priceless finds like this that made California my favorite place to shop!!

  6. Fabulous find. Classic with the trench coat!

  7. I'd would've jumped on that extemporaneously, too!

  8. You're so adorable, Natalie. Love this look and that lipstick!

  9. I love this jumpsuite, it's fabulous and very trendy urban outfit. It will look superb for wedding shower and parties. Thanks for the inspiration.