...And We're Back!

Welcome to Monday!  I'm back with some new plans from a new outlook after getting renewed and rested. Whew!

After being photographer-less I instead dove into the behind-the-scenes brain of The Tiny Closet and decided to go back to its roots.

(shoes: Roper / dress: Rafi / vest: vintage (Buttons & Bows) / chain link cuff: RiaRia)

After evolving outside the "confines" of my Tiny Closet - meaning I'm not so limited anymore with my wardrobe size.  I have still decided to keep my closet Tiny buuuuut I've kinda strayed away from showing y'all just how fun it can be.

Having amazing pieces that you love, having a closet that you're over the moon for - yes, yes we know.  But lets marinate in this concept for a while.  And see just how fun and interesting it can get.  Lets swim in it til our hands get pruny!

So starting this week, I'll be experimenting with a new campaign celebrating and returning to my love of a lifestyle authentic, versatile and Tiny.

P.S.  Like my shoes?  Goin for an artsy, Southwest look.  I'm looking at you, Austin, Texas.  You're so cool.


  1. Love the vibes of this outfit!! So glad you're back :)

  2. WELCOME BACK! This look is cool and simple. You have on layers??? Say whaaaat!!? I was so expecting ya laying out in the sunshine and all and Theo getting photographer-ful shots of glowed-glistened skin.....okay, let me stop; See how had me spoiled with y'all's weather and your nice cool threads?
    When will you decide to show us a sneak peek of just how TINY your closet is? I told ya I'm over here imagining do you have a WALK-IN "tiny" closet? Standard one door closet? An extra bedroom that you made your closet with a tiny collection?