Dress Wicked

As much as I love Halloween, I fell out of love with wearing costumes years ago.  Why?  Hm, I don't what it is... maybe because costumes are so terribly uncomfortable, too tight, or just plain cumbersome when I'm going to work or trying to get things done.

I hate missing out on the fun festivities of being part of the "show" so whenever invited to a party around this time, I dress up my own way.  A wicked ensemble usually falling between modern-day witch or vampire.  

I come by it naturally I guess.

So of course, in Tiny Closet style, I utilized my own pieces to put this look (and really any other look I please) together.  What looks like a dress is actually this turtle neck and this sleeveless evening dress, cinched with a belt.  And I couldn't keep from topping it off with my bestie booties.  They go with everything.  Everything!

These arrow earrings I found at the farmer's market in The Grove.  I looooove them.  Plus, an archer vibe is so cool and unsuspecting with this witchy outfit.

 turtleneck: American Apparel / dress: / belt: Forever21 / booties: Jessica Simpson / fishnet stockings: Agent Provocateur

I can't seem to abandon my style for even a moment.  Even when it's appropriate for the occasion.  But even in this monochrome, minimal ensemble I feel the subtle dark, sinister, maybe creepy vibe I was going for.  How'd I do?

What about you??  Any costume you're planning to wear this year?

Happy Halloween!


  1. Not planning to wear any costumes, dear. So, can you guess my theme song to this? The lyrics are: "Holy smokes and gee whiz"; sexy, sexy, sexy...

  2. You nailed it!
    I don't participate in Halloween.

  3. See, I learned something. A long silhouette can work on a petite figure if it is slim fitting. I wouldn't wear it as snug as you or with the high slit (too much for my age), but the overall slim fit with heels showing seems to work better than a long floor grazing flowy outfit (unless maybe it's an empire waist).

    1. I so love empire waists. Glad this was a helpful post, Sue! I think floor grazing dresses are fun but showing off the shoes even with a long silhouette is quite stylish!

  4. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I'm new to "The Tiny Closet" and you do such an awesome job at creating your outfits and photographing, the scenery goes so well with you. I was wondering, if you don't mind me asking, does a professional photographer take your photos? How does that process work?

    1. Hi Britney! Yes, a professional photographer does take my photos. He uses a Canon 5d. Regarding process, my photographer is freelance and mainly a DP but he is also my husband so his services are free of charge. You can learn a bit more about his work here: Thanks so much for reading and welcome to my Tiny Closet!