Something Borrowed: Enhance Your Closet!

borrowed this tailored jacket from a friend.  Borrowing and swapping clothing with friends is definitely a Tiny Closet do.  

As someone who loves clothing and experimenting with styles, I definitely don't deny my desire for shiny new pieces every season but since I realized a while ago that my neediness is actually a passing fancy and not worth permanently buying new clothes every month, I like indulging in it temporarily.  By borrowing cute, stylish pieces when I can from my cute, stylish friends.  And husband :)

jacket: Mine / top: Pink (altered) / jeans: American Apparel / shoes: CMG

And this mens button up shirt was given to me by my stylish roommate.  For a year I wore it in its original full length but a couple days ago, I decided to crop it and chop off the arms for a fresh new look with my high waisted jeans.  This will be perfect for Spring and Summer so I plan to make more!

Always marinating in simplicity, I've really settled into a minimum frills look.  So every now and then I like to add a bit of influence from a friend to enhance my style.  And when I have a hard time giving it back, that's when I know I have to get one for myself.  I think of it as a shopping screener :)

Hope you're enjoying your Monday!


  1. I love this look! The tailored blazer adds a bit of polish to a relaxed look. Still trying to perfect my effortless casual look. I'll keep coming back for more inspo!