Soft Waves & Silk Sandals

I've been enjoying a warm and cozy intro to Spring this past week.  I used to dislike dressing for warmer weather but since moving to L.A., I've completely changed.  This ensemble is a staple and usually worn with my oxfords or Toms but with this fancy weather lately, I thought I'd upgrade my shoe game to something softer and more appropriate for afternoon cocktails and window shopping.

I feel like I've been cropping everything from jeans to skirts to tops!  Including this men's shirt.  I love wearing this cropped button up with everything in my Tiny Closet!  And these harem pants went amazingly with the top last weekend.

I recently decided to let someone else do my hair.  Eeee!  After 5 years of personally cutting, styling, and raising a head of natural healthy locks, I'm moving on to other important things and trusting it to someone else.  I randomly made an appointment with Drybar, a blow drying salon (I thought that stuff was for straight-haired girls!) and I'm hooked!!

I usually prefer the smaller curls but these loose big curls are fabulous too.  So lush looking.  And also, having a professional take to my strands was shocking.  My hair was silkier than I've ever seen it - even my husband was shocked at the quality difference.  Anyway, I'm feeling it.  This slightly different look is a nice alternative to my norm.

 shirt: Pink / harem pants: American Apparel / sandals: Nine West

And these sandals with silk straps are so sultry!  I've had them for get this,
13 years
yep, truly a Tiny Closet treasure.  See how I've worn them in the past with a draped jumpsuit, and also with a mini skirt

Just goes to show, if it still works, why throw it out?  
Keep working it!

And with that I, bid you a very happy Monday :)


  1. Stunning and flawless! Lol at the hair story... I know how hard it can be to trust someone else in your tresses, but aren't you so relieved that you did!??? Love the look!

    1. Thank you, Chymere! I am soooo relieved that I finally let a pro do my hair for once. I only realize now how silly I was being so darn protective, lol! My hair is thanking me.

  2. super cute comfy cas outfit!! and I can't believe you've had these for 13 years!!

  3. Love your cropped top, high waisted pants, and new hair style. Looks great!

  4. Fab chic look .... Love your locks

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