A Look of Love

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.  Like any observing holiday - like Mother's Day or Thanksgiving - for me, it's a day to celebrate my love for my family and the amazing people in my life.  

Valentine's grumps, beware!  Love is in the air!
But anyway, 

this year I wanted to play with the style of "love" for a moment.

Since romantic is not a usual look I rock (I'm more of a modern minimalist) I was excited to have an excuse to put together something different, girly and fun.  
Like I really needed an excuse though, right?

Whenever I play with a different style than my own,  since it's temporary I go a less expensive route of course and hit up the Garment District, fabric shops and thrift stores.  This time, I had a specific look in mind: a lovely hybrid between my minimalist ways and a whimsical, ultra romantic styling.  I designed a lounge-like swing jacket made of deep navy lace and paired it with what else?  Chic white gypsy pants.  Whipped it all together fast for a Tiny glamour shoot!

jacket: Tiny Closet Collection / bandeau: Max Mara / pants: Tiny Closet Collection / lipstick: M.A.C. Ruby Woo

 Feeling nostalgic - and needing a nicer bandeau than my trusty lycra ones, I grabbed the bandeau from my Max Mara wedding dress.  I've been on a gypsy pant kick lately so I made another pair out of a gorgeous drapy material leftover from when I made this Summer dress.

I hope you all enjoy the spirit of tomorrow and if you have a special someone, it's fun to get a little sultry and glam.  

Drunk In Loooooove!!!


  1. We be all night! I need to find my Ruby Woo, love this...thanks Natalie

  2. You look so pretty !!!!! Love this post

  3. beautiful! lovely! happy valentines day!

  4. Great job Natalie! You styled everything beautifully. The blue and white palette with that pop of red on the lips. Yes ma'am! Lol! Answer me this, did you make those pillowcases?

    1. Thank you for the compliment! And to answer your question, I DID make those pillowcases, lol! Thanks for noticing :) Funny you asked, I made them with my husband in mind because they're girly but in a masculine shade.

  5. Love, love, love the color palette and touch of romance with the blue lace. Perfect for the background. I'm sure hubby enjoyed watching you dance for the photos! Love is in the air! ♥


  6. Happy Valentine's Day! Love the play on colors blue & white vs the traditional red & white accustomed for Valentine's Day!