Not a T-Shirt & Jeans

As I've been slowly building a new wardrobe for what I know will surely be fit for all seasons, I've taken to blousy button ups as they're a wonderful upgrade from the t-shirt.   
And coming from such a casual Summer to a more formal Fall and Winter, I am needing such an upgrade.

I have worn these jeans for years but mainly it's been with oversize sweaters and tees, with one of my favorite sexy casual looks here.

Wearing these now tattered things with a slinky chiffon button up and a pair of modest, feminine wedges gives them a slightly more dressy appeal.  A nice change, which of course I love for my Tiny wardrobe.  This simple little tweak has now opened up a few new possibilities - like wearing colored tights underneath with a lovely fall poncho!  .... but in due time :)

 earrings: All Saints

These trusty pink and gold spike earrings are my go to's for punching up my collar area.  I love rocking them with formal dresses like I did a couple Easters ago.  And they're fitting when wearing a necklace might be a bit cumbersome or just doesn't fit with the look.  That's not necessarily what happened here - I just wanted to rock them with my new dusty pink wedges!

 top and wedges: Garment District vendor / denim: Benetton

The tails on the back of this top are girly and modern and go so well with my wedges.  It's completely sheer so I chose to wear a simple white lycra tube top underneath, which makes the look even more modern.  I think the top might be from Forever21 but I got both items (the wedges) from a street vendor in the Garment District.  That place is endless fun.

So now that I'm nearing the final stages of my new Tiny collection of clothing, what I've really been waiting for is mixing and matching them all together all year long - and also mixing them with some old goodies that I've decided to keep like these keeper jeans!  And what better season to begin with than Fall?  Ah, and then Winter.... I am so excited for the months ahead!

Hoping your week is off to a great start!


  1. Love this! So simple and chic! I love the flowy fabric of the top and how it kinda glams up the jeans. As always, amazing photos. Your hubby is amaze!

  2. very cute! love the breezy, chic feel!

    Chymere Anais ♥

  3. Love this whole look! It's so chic and timeless.

  4. Love flowy blouses with jeans so chic

  5. This is so weekend glam!! And love your hair!!

  6. Such a cute casual look, really cute shoes!!

    Carsedra McKoy:

  7. cute earrings and shoes. Wonderful flowing outfit