Is It Fall Yet?

I have been waaaaaaaiting to wear my Fall ensembles... but it's not even an option right now.  I broke a sweat just walking down the block to grab lunch earlier.  And sweating in chiffon is the worst.  Bleh!  
I had to change my top to something more cottony for midday - but then I changed back in the early evening when things cooled down.
top: Ceelco / shorts: Milky Way / boots: Refresh
(all items purchased on Santee Alley)

I've worn these items all before pretty recently.  Or did you know?  As the newest additions to my Tiny Closet I am already diving into "ensembling" and re-ensembling them one day at a time :)  Like my boots!  I wore them with a tunic a couple weeks ago.  And this chiffon top, I wore with some jeans and wedges.  And then finally these shorts, I wore with high tops and a tank.

Completely different looks with all the same items.  If you're new to my Tiny Closet, welcome!  
Ah, but I'm just getting started.

This has become one of my favorite outfits.  My new shorts together with this top piece and the booties make a very fun and trendy look!  And even though trend is not too important to me, it's fun to play around with of-the-moment styles using pieces that don't lend to the trend by themselves but when put together, make the look.  Love it when I can do that because my little wardrobe wouldn't be so Tiny if I went shopping every time I fancied a fleeting fancy.

So I'll give it a few more weeks for things to get cool and crisp and then it's colored tights, cute jackets and sumptuous long sleeve tops!  Come on, my sweater fabric is collecting dust!  
Until then, I'll be here... transitioning.


  1. This is a cute casual look. Love your top.

  2. I love those boots. Do you remember what the store on Santees is called? I want a pair!

  3. Your blog is so much FUN! I subscribe to a couple of other blogs but what comes across in yours is that you're being you and I don't feel as if you're posing. There is another blog that I love that shall remain nameless and the writer is also in Cali, but all her clothes are high-end and designer and I can in NO way afford them. Thanks for accessibility

  4. Love your shirt and ankle boots! Your hair looks fab.

  5. The mixing and matching of your items has really helped me do the same. I've even been saving some more colorful summer pieces to spice up the fall. I also wear my maxi dresses around the house. :-)