Living In My Ankle Boots

On the way to grabbing some Pho for lunch, I threw on some old faves with my newest favorite ankle boots.  I am wearing these boots everywhere now.  The perfect Tiny Closet shoe:  
They go amazingly with everything I have.

It's still pretty warm so try as I might, I can't dive into Fall quite yet but this darker, edgy outfit will do fine for now.  My muscle tee, a great casual top for my spur of the moment outings.  
And my leather studded belt - a staple for me while traveling through Asia.

My roommate, got me a pack of dark, glittery Sally Hanson's nail polish strips that I just love!  Yes, yes I know I'm just now trying them but I've always wanted to and these are awesome!  
So shiny too, which is what I always strive for with real manis.

tee: Original Gangster / skirt: Santee Alley (Garment District of L.A.) / belt: Zara / boots: Santee Alley / earrings: Tory Burch  

It is almost time for the 
Style Bloggers of Color Conference!!!
I've actually got a lot planned this month, including my one year anniversary of being married.  Sooooo a couple firsts for me are happening this month that I'm incredibly excited about.  I've been in work/hibernation mode so far - the calm before the storm LOL.  Getting ready for all the festivities! 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh! Love the skirt!

  2. Loving this skirt!!!

    Carsedra McKoy:

  3. I am on a mad hunt for those boots. I love them!

  4. is the skirt made that way or is it just a maxi skirt you reconfigured? can you post a pic of the back of the skirt?

  5. These boots and spiked high tops inspired my latest sneaker purchase: black suede high tops with gold chains and spikes! I'm in the process of getting my tiny closet together and boy it is shaping up. I really enjoy your posts and am magically developing a personal style. :-)

  6. I just discovered your blog, and wanted to say how much I love your style and energy! It's great to "meet" someone from this part of town, as well. I can't wait to check out Vintage Chic by Grace now, based on your glowing recommendations!

  7. I love the skirt! so very cute and comfortable...and how many times have I said that in a compliment to your style? Too many. I need new words. lol.
    Pho is sooo yummy! I had it for the first time last year and I've been hooked ever since!
    Exciting month for you!

    Chymere Anais