Diet, Fitness & Wellness, Oh My!

Since the start of September, I've been laser focused on my diet, my fitness routine and my looks.

It's time once again, to get back to basics!  
And by the basics, I mean all the things that make us look even better while in our fabulous clothes.

Over the months, I've received a lot of questions regarding how I stay fit, healthy, happy and glowing.  
Thank you!!
Well, it definitely isn't easy taking photos everyday while in this normal life that I lead  - aka: no hairstylist, no assistant, no personal trainer, etc... But I find if I just try one thing at a time, having an active fitness and beauty routine to help keep me feeling good about myself is not as difficult as one would think.

If you've been following my Instagrams, I took a couple selfies before running off to my Barre Method class.  I go to The Main Barre where awesome instructors like Audra teach me how to squeeze a ball between my thighs while on my toes, shaking my hips.  Yeah baby :)  It's a fun, hard workout and I feel sexy during and afterward.  That's important.  Plus it keeps my abs and butt tight!

I also run 2-5 miles a day.  I figure, since I love love love wearing all things short, I should invest some time and energy (literally) on my legs.

I've recently discovered that I am gluten intolerant and that I am really only able to eat a handful of foods that won't cause less than attractive consequences on my physique and skin.  Though I've experienced the effects of gluten and other hard-to-process foods, I've often ignored them but it's time to stop ignoring my body and start giving it what it needs!  So I've been hooked on amazing health blog, Jojoba's Witness to continue giving me tips and tricks on holistically getting brighter skin, better working organs, and a calmer, clearer head on my shoulders.  Blogger Katie Braja is my guru on all things health and wellness and I love trying the foods she Instagrams!
Clarisonic Mia 2

And lastly, my complexion has been a consistent frustration to me since I moved to California.
Though my facial routine is simple, I still find I need to wear makeup everyday.
Which shouldn't be the case but it's mainly due to my inability and lack of enthusiasm to wash my face well.
So I decided to get a Clarisonic facial scrubber to help me out in the "radiance" department.
It's wonderful for photos and I got the Mia2 because it has a higher speed for those days when I've been wearing lots of makeup.
The vibrations from the scrubber get the blood flowing, making my cheeks look tight and ripe!

And speaking of radiance, there's nothing like a good ol' glowing shimmer to the skin while I'm out and about in the sun.  
It's mica, ladies and it's natural and gorgeous on any skin tone!  In particular, I have been using Burt's Bees Radiance Body Lotion.  It gives me a perma-glow.  
That and a good scrubbing in the shower every morning buffs up the skin for an overall brighter look.


  1. I love the post. I have never heard of Jojoba's Witness. I'll have to check out the blog. I like to follow for natural and holistic ways to stay healthy. Have you heard of her?

  2. Awesome photo!! And may I request a post about your favorite fitness gear?? I'm especially on the look out for recommendations for bottoms that aren't too heavy but aren't see through!!

  3. That photo of you looks so cool! This post was so informative. I've never heard of Barre fitness, but it's def something I want to check out, I'm constantly on the lookout for fun creative exercises lol

  4. Thanks for the link to the blog. Headed there now...

  5. Thanks for sharing this, I love to find new health related blogs heading over there. And that photo is all kinds of awesome!

    Ms Dee Kay

  6. Hey,
    Thank you for sharing as i am gluten intolerance. Oh the things my body went through before realizing what was happening to me. If you have any questions feel free to contact me :)

  7. i have owned the clairsonic for about three years now. it is AMAZING. i never wear makeup so there is no where to hide. i often use the clarisonic after steaming my face over a pot of steaming hot water that i boil on the stove using a towel over my head to trap the steam. this will give you even more of a glow! throw in some fresh herbs or essential oil after you turn the heat off. instant aromatherapy!

  8. Good advice. Loving the recipe blog (pinchofyum) - thanks for sharing

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