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Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Gloom

A few blocks of abandoned streets in downtown L.A....  I realize serve for me ample traipsing space for great lighting, backdrops and peace and quiet to play with shooting styles.  
Well, eerie quiet but peace and space nonetheless.  

Who would've thought Skid Row would be a photo shoot playground?

Channeling the cool of Macklemore, and the comfort of Eileen Fischer. I was completely cozy and warm in this oversize cocoon sweater, which I wear with everything, my favorite slouchy, long sleeve double knit and my mini cutoff skirt.  C'est parfait, non?  Please excuse me, but when I feel this comfy and effortlessly cool, I can't help but speak French :)

Wearing such soft layers up top, raises my tolerance level considerably for wearing sky high heels that were slightly less than comfortable, 
which, for this outfit, heels were really quite necessary I feel.

sweater: Lane Bryant / top: The Tiny Closet Collection / skirt: Paper Denim / booties: Jessica Simpson 

Now that I've embraced the "June Gloom" (an L.A. native clued me in on the consistent gloomy weather that sets in during only the month of June), I'm settling on breaking out my jackets and sweaters again... and pairing them with skimpier, Summer items.  Yay!  A Tiny Closet specialty.  

Keep visiting for more June Gloom ensembles!


  1. The sweater jacket is very nice and I love the shoe boots. A really cool look :)

  2. Yes, looks very cool and calm!

  3. This entire ensemble gives me life. Love it!

  4. Your photos are always amazing !!!!

  5. Very neat. Love the sweater

  6. I really love your words, they add such oomph to your looks. You are sizzling in this ensemble madamemoiselle (pardon my misspelled French lol)