All Dressed Up...

But no time to go anywhere.


Lately, I find myself racing to keep up with the demands of the day.  After toiling over the boring stuff of bills, cleaning and what seems to be endless errands, I find I've run out of my favorite conditioner, my nail polish is well overdue for a change, my brows are slowly connecting and my meals have evolved into takeout.

I realized it was time for some blissful quiet time when I practically lost it as I was racing out of my apartment and my doorman said:

"Is it that time of the month?"

(after a record screeching halt and some choice words I had planned to say back, I thankfully realized he was talking about the rent check I was holding in my hand...  
Yes.  I needed some quiet time indeed.

So as a personal treat to myself, and also as a reminder to keep things in my life simple and focused on what matters, 
I decided to finally finish my most favorite piece I've ever made.  This long Summer overcoat:

overcoat: The Tiny Closet / jumper: thrifted / belt: Forever 21 / heels: Nine West

I have been planning for ages where I'd wear this fabulous piece once it was finished...  ??  I suppose I'm still planning - 
but for now I just had to put it on and give it a pose or two by the pool.  

As soon as I put on my jumper and heeled sandals, I was already beginning to smile again.  It's amazing what clothes can do with some re-imagining.  
And also with this amazing coat that I love! 

I made this overcoat from a sarong I bought while in the Philippines.  I thought I'd make the sleeves contrasting - to bring all the characters and colors of the panel to focus.  The panel on the sarong is of a beautiful sunset over a village beach.  I miss that gorgeous island immensely.

So I'm going to slow down a bit, catch my breath, get back to the little things like brow maintenance and manicures, and go eat a good dinner with my husband.

I'm out!


  1. Aw, you look so Beautiful. I love the blue in your jacket it makes your outfit just flow perfectly.
    Remember you are too Blessed to Stressed. :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love the jacket you made! And I understand how busy life can brows are screaming to be done too! LOL


  3. Cracking up at "that time of the month"!!! haha. That overcoat is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. It just feels like vacation. You gotta find somewhere to wear that sassy outfit.

  4. Such a cute outfit!!! Love that jacket!!

    With Love,

  5. I think you can wear it anywhere, no need to wait for a special occassion :)

  6. When I saw the first pic & before I read anything I thought you had on a designer outfit. I was like "ain't nobody got money like that!" LOL. Then I realized you made the jacket with a border print and used the border for one of the sleeves I was like that's so obvious I should have thought of it. Really cute and clever. Makes me want to make one.

  7. Lovely overcoat. Breathe, honey, breathe. :-)

  8. That coat is gorgeous; I gotta have it.

  9. I absolutely adore this outfit! Beautiful sarong coat! You look incredible!


  10. I love those days where you just wanna feel special, just for you. This overcoat is so awesome, it's something I've been wanting in my closet for a while but could never find the perfect one for me! I think a fun way to make it more casual would be a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans, a plain tee, and a strappy sandal.

  11. i think my comment got eating by cyberspace, but that jacket is AMAZEBALLS. i really love it on you!