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Monday, May 20, 2013

A Jumpsuit

In anticipation for our move to L.A., I bought this fabulous maxi jumpsuit during a thrifting trip last Fall.  The moment I saw it, I had to have it!  
In fact, I couldn't wait to wear it so in February, the dead of Winter, I went ahead and debuted it anyway with a long sleeve top here.  

Sunday evening, I decided it was finally time to wear it, bare arms and all :)  

I chose to wear it as a halter instead of  over the shoulders as the way it was designed.  I simply tucked in the back straps and let it drape.   Halters work better for my build.  Why wear something that doesn't fully flatter your shape?   I am always attempting to tailor my clothing to make it fit for me, even in the smallest ways.
And I definitely keep that in mind when I go thrifting.

I love the evening tone of this item.  And it could look a lot more formal if I'd wanted but last night, I  decided some cork wedges would keep it casual for just evening drinks in Little Tokyo.

I am a one piece's biggest fan.

And I continue to promise myself that I will get more jumpers and playsuits and don't.  Now that I'm in perma-sun weather however, if I can pop on just one statement piece and go, that's reason enough to make a small collection for my Tiny wardrobe.


  1. Love how you styled this maxi jump suit here, you look great!!!

    Carsedra of:

  2. the jumpsuit is definitely a treasure but the hair is landmark *dreamy sigh*

  3. and this one is gorgeous and very much suited on you, we love you natalie :)

  4. So very cute! I love jumpsuits and maxis! Is the back low cut?

  5. You are so gorgeous and talented. You can loan me your hair anytime ( if that was only possible ) lol

  6. This is one like the hottest of all the hot post you give us every now and then! Lovely. You probably should make something like this for your store. I would get it in a heart beat.

  7. Looks Beautiful on you. I love how it looks chic and comfortable.

  8. beautiful and stylish. you wear it well

  9. Love breezy and chic!

    -Chymere A.

  10. Beautiful. I keep looking at the hair and the jumper. My hair is natural and has been my entire life, but it tends to be less thick than most kinky curly hair. I love my hair, but I stalk yours!

  11. love the jumper ease and simplicity at its best....classic. concur with urbanflaneuse09 the hair is 'landmark'!