Dressing For My Husband

Soooo, it's pretty clear that men have a different take on fashion and style for women.  Yes, yes - the men of this generation and most likely the next 10 generations have a firmer grasp on fashion as art and what is "chic", "classy" and "cool" thanks to GQ, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Kanye West and the James Bond franchise 


As much as I believe men's fashion has evolved to be more intuitive, sophisticated and tastefully creative, 
men still love women in simple, one-dimensional ensembles.  

Short skirts, tight pants, form fitting dresses, high heels and/or that je ne sais quoi-Victoria's Secret-sex pot-look will always be a head turner for the opposite sex and perhaps the eye-rolling-enducer for the same sex...  Now I know I'm generalizing heavily and you may be saying to yourself, 
"Well my man loves me in sweat pants and a tank".  Yes.  

But he'll take you in heels and a super tight dress before some sharp brogues, a tweed pencil skirt, and a cropped silk tank with a leather satchel any day, okay?

And that's cool.  But, in my experience in dressing for a man it doesn't necessarily align with my comfort and ease.  And when I say dressing for a man, I mean for this case, my man.  And I do it as an endearing gesture to his eye-rolling simple taste in what he loves to see me in.  But I make it worth my while!

Rather than try hobbling around in f*** me heels and wearing spanx up to my ribs for that Mt. Everest of bodycon dress, I have learned over the years how to mesh my comfort needs with his indulgences.  Spanx not necessarily required :)   

A comfortable woman is a sexy woman and I think men agree.  So I have found that what I lack in tight clothing I more than make up for in sultry, slouchy attitude with my drapey, oversize tops.  And to offset the loose fit, I remind him I have legs with a clingy but super soft-for-me skirt.  Preferably by a designer I adore and a length he adores.

And lastly, I more than usually choose heels when my husband is in mind so I make sure they are simple and to the point.  Not girly.

I love this outfit.  It's easy, feminine and makes me feel so sexy!  I can walk around in it all day without the yearning visions of changing into harem pants haunting the back of my mind.  Walking home at night sometimes I see women outside the nightclubs clutching their arms from the cold and walking like they're on stilts.  Even though their bodies are at times, quite enviable, I can't help but feel their discomfort just from looking at them!  I wonder if men can tell?

top: Asos / skirt: T by Alexander Wang / sandals: Nine West / sunnies: RayBand Wayfarers / bag: Rebecca Minkoff / necklace: Heavenly Couture

When dressing for a man, I feel a woman needs to find a happy medium.  Otherwise, he totally has the power at the woman's expense and she no longer owns her sex appeal.  That's when it can begin to look predictable and cheap.  When a woman owns it and makes it hers, I think that's when she looks sexy, confident and one of a kind.  

Our imaginations are so much more tasteful then theirs!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I absolutely ADORE!!! You embrace simplicity so well. Love what you said about owning your style, even when dressing for your man. Fabulous ensemble!

    ~Chymere A.

  2. Amen! I love your line about finding the right balance--it's about being comfortable in your own skin.

  3. I completely agree. I had to find that balance & if I'm uncomfortable, I'm unhappy & then I just can't shine.

  4. This is a super cute outfit!! My husband likes outfits like this, but the shoes he likes high/sexy, but not like stripper/street walker high though, LOL!!! But happy medium we definitely do find on the shoes because I like them high sometimes but I showed him that shoes can be sexy and not always 4 1/2 inches and up, LOL!!!

    Carsedra of:

  5. I agree with the other commenters, that last line is everything!! Love your outfit and your blog in general.

  6. I love your thoughts on the subject. You look quite sexy and comfortable in your skin and the clothing you adore yourself in. Perhaps, you could do a workshop for those of us who have an idea of what is sexy for us yet not sure how to pull it off with confidence :-)

  7. sexy but classy! Love it and those legs girl! you better work!

    I agree. My husband loves the way I dress in general but it's not until I wear something short and tight that his eyes are bulging out of his head and his tongue is hanging out. LOL!

    I'll have to say you pulled it off and still made it to your comfort. Now that's how you do it! LOL

  8. I am loving your outfit and now that I have read the entire post, I concur totally! Being comfortable is the most sexy thing a woman can do in order to turn her man's (or any other man for that matter) head! My man happens to LOVE my legs and I love to show them off so for us - its a win win, Spanx not required! LOL