The Juice Makeover

For the past month or so I've been juicing daily...hourly, whenever.  

I'm addicted!

I'm not really into cooking and since I'm really busy anyway I decided to start drinking meal replacing fluids.  THEN I started getting into the veggie drinks as snacks and all of a sudden my face and skin have really improved and I've got tons more energy.  Total confidence booster :)

This juice I drink every day: 
kale / 2 apples / ginger
Specifically for my face, I drink carrot/ginger juice too!

bangles: Old Navy / top: Tiny Closet Collection / nail color: Covergirl "Coral Silk" / denim: All Saints

Which leads me back to my very first post where I talked about what I've always felt are the preliminaries of dressing: health, diet and feeling amazing!  

Simply essential.  Going shopping when you're feeling insecure and crappy is like grocery shopping on an empty stomach...during your period...after getting dumped.  Basically it's not good. 

When you feel good, you look good and that's for damn sure.  
It's just easier to wear clothes and have more fun with it all!

So I've been dressing simpler and going back to the roots of this whole operation.  While I continue designing my lil collection of basics, what fuels me is the inner beauty and simplicity of not fashion but style.  Wearing the clothes you wear and not letting the clothes wear you.  Ya know?

Anyway, getting ready to have coffee with my dad, he immediately complimented me, in his own words of course, saying "Wow, you look like a shiny new penny!", I would've preferred Kerry Washington but thanks, dad.  I feel like it too.  


  1. I tried (green)juicing but it didn't agree with my stomach so when I do I do mainly fruit, but I do want to go back and trying the added more vegetables and hopefully this time around I will be able to stomach it!! :)

    I totally agree (speaking for myself) when I'm not feeling healthy (not eating right, drinking water, exercising) it shows in the way I dress because I don't feel confident. Plus, it shows in my skin/face because I look tired and my skin doesn't have that healthy glow. Being healthy goes hand in hand for me with looking great and feeling great in my clothes!!

    Carsedra of:

  2. I think California brings out the "juicer" in us all! I am a recent transplant from the east coast (July 2012), and my eating habits have improved tremendously since i've been here! There is no "fluffy" season in California... so there is little time for comfort foods! Great post!

    L. Sands of:

  3. wonderful thoughts. Juicing is very much in. Maybe it has something to do with being in a new year, brimming with new possibilities. Hey, you are in a new state - marriage, place of residence, creative energy. Life's good.

  4. I also started with the green drinks. However I make smoothies. Kale, spinach, fruits, protein powder etc. I noticed a difference almost immediately. I feel great! I felt bad because I was drinking green smoothies all day. It was funny to hear you say you're addicted because I swear I am too. I'm looking forward to juicing as soon as I get a juicer. BTW, you are beaming.

  5. Your look amazing! Juicing def. makes a huge difference on one's look. I've been having green juice for the past 2.5 weeks now and a friend of mine saw me this weekend and said that I was glowing! It made my day!

    Abby A

  6. I love green juicing, it definitely makes a difference . When are those tees going to be available ?

  7. The first thing I noticed was your glowing skin. I hadn't even read a word. Juicing is so amazing!

  8. luv the old school comment from your Dad!! "like a shiny new penny" look FAB! you are wearing Cali well!

  9. I just began juicing as well but I think my juicer is a little weak. It doesn't play well with leafy veges like Kale and Spinach. What juicer do you use or do you have any recommendations?

    Thank you,

  10. You are absolutely stunning! I'm a skin fanatic and love keeping my skin on point like yourself. Beautfiul photography, amazing style and attitude. I'm a new fan. Just discovered you yesterday. Keep up the great work! If you're ever in Paris, let me know, would love to do a post about you!