Wardrobe wise, I crave simplicity and minimalism.  But for the sake of my blog and how it all came about in the first place, I've tried to stay away from it for the most part.  In my attempts to branch out and be more creative and dynamic (to be more interesting), after a year or so of chronicling my adventures in style, simplicity hasn't budged a bit it seems.  It's still where I live and what I ultimately want to feel and see in my closet.

Eh, what are you gonna do?  So be it :)

I love a good pair of thin, tight super black leggings.  Ahhhh!  So chic.  A lot of people think leggings are leggings right? They're all the same.  They're totally not.  A great pair of leggings are amazing and can make an outfit, rather than just stand in for pants or denim.  Faded, ill fitting leggings fuel the reputation of leggings being obnoxious or just plain not fashionable.  

When worn well, they're incredibly fashionable.  Even classic.

sunnies: thrifted / top: Tiny Closet Collection / leggings: F&F / booties: Jessica Simpson


  1. Been reading for awhile, had to de-lurk to say i'm loving the Tiny Closet Collection items so far!! I can't wait till I can add some to my own tiny closet!!!

  2. THIS -- > "When worn well, they're incredibly fashionable. Even classic." It feels good to have some other stylish person state this. My shape does not get very friendly with jeans, but it loves leggings. They feel great, and when well styled, in a quality fabric I think they are a DO.

  3. Love your casual chic. It's simple and you wear it beautifully. I have a love hate relationship with leggings. They rarely look good on me. Perhaps I've just been buying the wrong ones. :)

  4. Love everything about that outfit. Are the JS booties new or older?

  5. LOVE JS shoes....always a no-fail!

    and YES! I agree a good pait of leggings that will hold up wear after wear and wash after wash. Leggings will never go out of style in my book.

  6. Just came across your blog today and I absolutely love it. I'm so inspired...I am dying to get some of your items of this Tiny Closet Collection...when and where can I get some?