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I've been a homebody lately.  From the end of last week through the weekend, I sewed, sketched (poorly), set up an eating/drinking/reading/design station on my island of a bed and witnessed a few highlights (one of course being Fitz's new and unfortunate is right.  Sigh).

But anyway, my uniform as of late has been a pair of drop crotch All Saints denims and sumptuous tees, if I do say so myself(!), from my new line of jersey tops I've created:   

Think James Perse meets Eileen Fisher.  Both have understated quality and luxurious comfort.  For now, I am designing and sewing them for myself and testing them out.  You'll see me sporting them soon, I practically live in them now!

On Valentines Day, I had spent the entire day at the fabric store and Theo was in editing so it wasn't until the evening that we began to celebrate our first Vday as a married couple (as my friend pointed out, incidentally reminding me that I should probably do something).  Does watching Hulu together count??

As Theo went to take the dog for a walk that evening, I asked him to grab me a chocolate bar from the store.  This is what he came back with...

The lil treat that night was such a wonderful surprise as I was expecting a good ol' Snickers.  But I had to take some pics before I gobbled it down so I waited til the next morning.  

Bottega Louie is my most favorite posh patisserie.  It is soooo girly and pretty!!  Mark my words, I will do a shoot there.  It's not a huge deal to Californians I've observed but the place is always packed and the aesthetic is absolutely gorgeous.  Palace like.  They also have an incredible selection of macarons :)

I am wearing a new nail shade, Covergirl in "Coral Silk".  The charcoal grey top is a Tiny Closet Collection piece.

Before heading to bed that day, we took a jaunt downstairs to see what the Art Walk happening that night was like...  It was definitely on.

Can you tell I was hesitant to partake?  Since leaving the couch was inevitable, comfort that night was first and foremost on my mind.  Behold my suuuuuper comfy ensemble:
oversize sweater: Lane Bryant / top: Tiny Closet Collection / harem pants: Bottega Veneta / brogues: Bass

The streets are pretty magical looking at night.  We love walking through them and we love living here.

More interests and current events coming up on Wednesday so please come back and visit!!

Have a wonderful week :)


  1. That little grey/ black statue is so elegant. It's amazing how your blog has evolved over the years, and how your picture composition and editing is getting more perfect with each post. I absolutely love your work Nat!


  2. I am loving the multiple-second-knuckle gold bands!

  3. These are such amazing photos!! I love the necklace and the sweater!!

    Carsedra of:

  4. Your bed looks like a cloud! How do you ever wake up!? I'd be (more of) a homebody too! awe Artwalk...ha. I can't wait to live there = )

    ~Chymere A.

  5. so niffty. Beautiful artwalk surrounding - quite bohemian.

  6. LOL..that Fitz does have a "new" attitude. I love your new space!! Your collection is quite cute, too!

  7. I am totally going to need one of those shirts, they completely comfy!

  8. (my brain suddenly stopped working at work so im here, re-reading articles and looking at pretty pictures..)
    siiigh, i love. all of it.

  9. You're like my new favorite natural hair/fashion blogger. You inspire me and I'm also slowly creating my own business and really looking forward to only doing just that :) Great post. Have a great weekend dear