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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Burger Night For Two

Having had our fill of amazing Mexican food for the day (we'll be back to it tomorrow), we decided on a good ol' fashion Burger Night in :)

So off to Ralph's we strolled and on the way, took some photos of my errand-friendly getup.

 I love this Boracay tee because I am pretty darn sure you can only get it when you're on that tiny little island!

I am also loving my new F&F leggings.  They are super cheap but a dense nylon that lays well and doesn't fade or pill easily.  Btw, I really need to start looking for a new bag...

Since it was a warmer night, I decided to sport my 3/4 length sleeve leather bomber from Ever.  I've had this jacket for years and even though it's not the newest jacket in my closet, its design is still to this day so unique.

Some quick photos, a jaunt to the store, then a jaunt to a burger joint because we forgot to get potatoes for the fries, and two fried eggs later, we arrived at the climactic point of the evening.  



  1. boracay!!!! i'm going to visit there next time i'm in PI :)

  2. Yum! Love the casual look! Where did you pick up your F&F leggings?

  3. Cute look. Those burgers look delish! It is fun for me to look at your photos and try to guess where you are:-)