Winding Down For The Weekend

Ah, the calm before the storm...

Next week, Theo and I will be visiting family and friends in L.A. for the Thanksgiving holiday(!!).  I am sooooooooooooooo excited to see the sun!  And play in it!  And feel it's warmth!  Wow.  Nothing but clouds and darkness for the next 9 months over here so, needless to say, this weeklong trip will be a welcome change.

Anyway, I'm starting to wind down this weekend in preparation for next week.  We took a cozy walk through the park and along the water yesterday and I found comfort again in my signature look.  You know, the signature look - the go-to outfit that's a little stylish and mostly comfortable and maybe worn too much?  
That's the one.  

Nothing but an oversize top, leggings, smoking shoe/brogue/flat and a HUGE scarf.

and a fitted leather jacket!

jacket: Muubuu / top: Asos / scarf: H&M / leggings: Zella / flats: thrifted (Trotter)

Yes, these leather smoking shoes are new :)  Never-worn, thrifted favorites and a new addition to my Tiny Closet.  I know, I know they're not something to call your mom about but they are perfect for my wardrobe and really, that's all that matters right?  

For work, errands, and casual outings, I was so happy to find another pair of handsome, glossy shoes.  
To go with my signature look!


  1. Great gloss on that shoe--good find!

  2. love that your afro is getting more dense..and bigger!kinda like Huey from the boondocks!love it!!!

  3. Lovin' the ensemble & I love your blog! Its wonderful, beautiful, full of life & ideas, thank you for sharing this with us! I know I feel inspired. I'm so happy I found your blog. Continue to have a great weekend & be safe in your travels :)

  4. Such a cute and casual outfit!!!

    Carsedra of:

  5. i love this simple yet chic look! you keep inspiring me! those loafers are an amazing find :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  6. I love this layered look.

  7. Natalieeee! I want that scarf right now! The weather is FREEZING over here like seriously it feels like invincible ice all over my body, I'm not loving it at all.

  8. You look warm, cozy and cool. Love the look and the scenery is awesome.Brogues are the best shoes ever. I've been obsessing over them and there are so many styles.


  9. Luv your blog you are a gorgeous woman with a kindred spirit! Introduce by Reiko from God's Favorite Shoes! You have open my eyes to look deep into my own tiny closet! I read evey entry since inception, you also have a great sense of humor! Thanks for sharing your stories! PS your skin is glowing lately, my skin takes a beating during winter. Wanna share your secrets?? ;^)