The Last Poncho... and My First Tutorial!

So!  Last week, I made a wool poncho and debuted it a couple days ago.  It was cool.  You know.  It was very plaid.  Anyway, I tried again :)  
This time, I used a stiffer fabric.  I wanted something more dramatic like dupioni or tulle - but warmer: 

I went with felted wool...  In cobalt!

 poncho: Tiny Closet / belt: Zara Man / denim: Benetton / heels: Aldo
accessories - cuff: Nordstrom / cage ring: H&M

As much as I love black, the original ensemble I had in mind was leather pants and black booties, but I wasn't in the mood to be predictable.  So I chose cognac, nude and sandblasted denim colors to coordinate with this blue!

I altered the design a bit to suit my personal style for this look (and also to suit the stiff fabric as this original design was in jersey).  So it's a bit more regal, more formal, and the back imitates the tails of a man's formal tux!

I really like the croc print on this Zara Man belt.  Ooo, that texture with this felted poncho!  And of course, gold really was the only accessory choice in my mind for this.  Maybe because I'm obsessed with gold jewelry :)

So I am much happier with poncho #2!  
What do you think??

Aaaand, a few ladies wanted to know how this super simple poncho was made.  I felt a quirky iPhone-staged tutorial was in order!

I didn't have enough wool to show you how I made this in full size so I made a miniature version of the poncho but also used my mannequin in parts to show you how to measure the poncho for length and width.  I am not P.S. I  Made This nor pair and a spare (I'm obsessed with both though!) so bear with me!

This is my first tutorial.  Shall we begin?  Okay:

Step 1.  You Will Need...
2 yards of material / scissors / measuring tape / needle and matching colored thread

Step 2.  Measurements For Your Poncho

The poncho itself is one piece of material.  So since it's one piece, hang your measuring tape over your shoulder, placing the start of your measuring tape where you wish the front of the poncho to hit you.  Note the inches where you want your poncho to end in the back and voile, you've got the length of your poncho.

Next, hold the start of your measuring tape from elbow to elbow, going up over your shoulders.  Now you've got the width of your poncho!

With the length and width of your poncho, you are now ready to cut your material.  And yes, it's just a big square.

Step 3.  Cut Your Material

Now we get into the miniature part of the tutorial.  I like the edges of my poncho to be rounded so that it doesn't look like a blanket and it drapes better.

This is a model of the poncho laid out flat.

Step 4.  Create Neck Opening

You may have chosen the front of your poncho to be a different length than the back.  I made my front shorter than the back.  So cutting your neck opening on the poncho depends on those two lengths.

Step 5.  Measure & Cut Neckline

In order to make that huge collar that you see on both ponchos I've shown, the neckline can't just be a slit.  You will need to measure how wide your neck hole will be.  

If you're not sure, you can easily measure the neck hole of a sweater or top that you own.


Step 6.  Create Collar

Time to sew!  You may sew by hand or use a sewing a machine.  The collar I've made is 14 inches (2') and then I crunch and fold it over.  Of course, you can make your collar as long or as short as you wish.  

Step 7.  Finishing Up!  Attaching Neckline

If you do want to have a large folded over collar, you will need to sew it onto the poncho inside out.  This is so that when you fold it, the folded side will be the correct side of the material, hiding the seam.

Lastly, you will then attach the collar onto the neckline of the poncho!  
You can hand sew this or use a machine.

If you haven't seen the first poncho, click here

Thanks so much for your compliments and feedback on this project!  Can't wait to show you the dress I'm working on for Thanksgiving holiday weekend!  
Thanks for visiting :)


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