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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chain Accenting

I was trying on various belts on Monday for these particular low rise Benetton skinnies. Nothing was really working.  
Actually, these denims have never looked attractive in belts as they hit me at the widest part of my body - a belt just highlights it.  

What I needed was something slung.  And a bit dressy to go with my blazer and gold cuff.  Then I realized, my thrifted black and gold chain necklace would be perfect.  
So I attached both ends of the necklace to parts of my jeans.  

Not a belt, but just the right accenting that I needed.

blazer: thrifted / asymmetric top: Asos / denim: Benetton / earrings: Tory Burch / flats: thrifted / cuff: Nordstrom

I am totally loving this!  I think on my next thrift trip, I'm going to look for long necklaces to go further with this.  It'll be a great look for Summer skirts and dresses!


  1. How cute!! Excellent idea. I've done the opposite--used a belt as a necklace by wrapping it around twice. Gotta love items that can be multi-purpose.

  2. I have worn chains like this on my pants since high school, very cool accessory I have to admit.
    Moreso, I love your shoes! I don't believe we have been introduced?


  3. This is so creative! I'm going to try this soon.

  4. lovely lovely lovely,such ease and poise!

  5. You are looking particularly lovely today! Giving great face! And, sometimes a casual look speaks to me more than a dressed up one.

  6. I am a new follower of your blog and I had to let you know I am loving your style!!!!

    Carsedra of:

  7. I absolutely love this idea! It looks fantastic!

  8. As a new follower, I must say I LOVE your style! This look is so simple, but chic. Can't wait to see more!


    PS I love a good thrifted blazer :-)