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Friday, November 9, 2012

All Dolled Up

Swing coats have always been so classic to me.  I personally think they're timeless and if I was 5'10, my Tiny Closet would have an entire collection of them!  But I'm not.  
And swing coats make me look juvenile because I am pint size... and also because they're just normally seen on little girls and dolls.

Still, when layered casually (and not worn with a Sunday school dress), a swing coat really does have a classic, confident femininity for any age.

coat: Forever21 / striped dress: StyleMint / all other items thrifted or vintage

cage ring: H&M 

My hair was completely picked brushed out in this post.  I brushed it all out in order to trim it myself but I didn't have time to re-wash it and activate the curls.  
First time my hair has been brushed out like this before.  It was so pillowy and shapeable, ha!  I think I might do it more often.  

With this classic, casual layering, a cute navy swing coat that's verging on dressy and "doll-like" becomes a natural counterpart and a more feminine version of the trench.  I dig it.

Have a splendid weekend!
I'm excited to show you my new sewing projects come Monday!


  1. I want to play in your hair & dress you up & put you on a shelf when I'm done. Lol #cutee

  2. Hiya, I just discovered your blog and I am hooked. Love it all. Going thru all your posts