Plaid...Lots of Plaid

Last week, I attempted to sew a duplicate copy of a Tiny Closet favorite:

This Asos brand jersey poncho, as I had shown in an earlier post is a go-to for working out and errand runs.  In fact, I loved it so much when I got it in the mail that I ordered another.  

Anyway, it also happens to be a super easy sewing pattern!  So I copied it - but for Winter wear, I thought I would upgrade it a little from 
just a simple jersey poncho to a luxurious boucle or boiled wool poncho for the Winter months!  Great idea right?  Right.

So I picked out some beautiful wool fabric and voila!  Great fabric choice, right?

First of all - waaaaaay too much plaid.  Rookie mistake on my part: plaid should really be worn sparingly.  Especially large plaid prints.  And here, my plaid poncho is the focal point but, oy - it's overkill.  

Now you might be saying to yourself, "What a drama queen... It's not that bad at all!" but since I was determined to showcase my work in a post, please note that I spent a lot of time re-working the look to make it bearable.

Notice, I placed a belt right in the middle, cinching all the plaid fabric and essentially cutting up the print, thus giving the eye a break.  Also, I wore matching black long sleeved top under so you have, yet again, another distraction from the plaid.  And lastly, I wore a black overcoat to hide the volume of the print.  So it's pretty okay with those touch ups yeah?  I've still got a ways to go though.

 coat: The Limited / poncho: Tiny Closet / denim: Zara / heels: Deisel

What I do absolutely adore about the stiff wool fabric though is, like I had planned, the cowl-like collar on the jersey version is now stiff and regal on the wool Winter version!  So hot!!!

I spent so much money on the fabric, I will not give up on this!  I've been sewing a black lining in the back.  We'll see how the finished product turns out.  Meanwhile, since I'm incredibly impatient with this, I bought another ream of wool (not patterned) and I will be showing it this week so cross your fingers for me!


  1. Can you please do a step-by-step on how to make this? Please? PLEASE???

    I love your poncho!!

  2. I loved the poncho, u look great!

  3. I think it looks fabulous. I hear you regarding the intrusiveness of the plaid. But as always, you seem to make it work. Even without the coat, the belt (solid black and width) seems to really do the trick in breaking up the plaid. I love your blog. Outstanding! You have inspired me to shop in my own closet and make what I already have work. I find myself shopping with purpose as it relates to how I can repurpose the piece. This type of blogging is a breath of fresh air. Thank you! Blessings.....

  4. Haha it looks great though! Glad you're experimenting! Keep us posted!

    The Kris Bliss

  5. Well, I'd gladly take that horrid poncho off of your hands. Consider it a favor! :)

  6. girl you are gorgeous! i saw two fellow bloggers mention your blog today and i knew it was a sign, had to check you out! i love the poncho you diy'd, perfect for fall! I'm your newest follower! I may or may not be semi stalking your previous!

    C's Evolution of Style

  7. OMG!!! I really need there to be a tutorial for this poncho. It's really nice!

  8. very nice, you pulled off the style with grace