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Monday, October 8, 2012


I am taking this entire week off in preparation of my wedding, which is in 7 Days!!  This week, will be dedicated to running with my head cut off errands, baking (a lot), tying up all loose ends and finally...peace.  So that I can effortlessly walk down the aisle without a care in the world.  Almost as if I'm floating.  And everyone will be asking themselves, "How does she do it all??"   
And I'll give them a wink and whisper, "Easily."

This is probably a fantasy of course, but in my harebrained mind, it's merely ideal.

So in order to do it all, I will be posting intermittently throughout the week whenever I can; giving you updates on my running-round-town outfits and such.

I also have some fun news of a very special and exciting event I took part in last weekend that I will be sharing with you later.  So check back daily!  In spite of all this wedding nonsense, my Tiny Closet is still #1...well maybe a close second to a big hearted guy I can't quite seem to get enough of :)


  1. All the best and congratulations on the day.
    soooo exciting.
    all love!

  2. Omgee that's so exciting! Good luck on the big day, and congratulations!


  3. Congratulations and good luck.

  4. Thank you ladies so much for the well wishes!! It was a wonderful time and I can't wait to officially post all about it! Your support and congrats is amazing!

  5. congrats lovely!! so so happy for you