Settling Into Fall

Back from a quick lil honeymoon, I'm settling back into life.  No more wedding plans, registry updates, venue correspondence, or endless string of errands.  Whew!  

And whoohoo, I'm married!
But more on that later.

On top of being excited to celebrate something beside Halloween for the next 60 Octobers, after Theo and I returned home, we decided to gather up the rest of our registry items that hadn't been bought.  Over the week, I added some denims to my Tiny Closet, as well as some basics, so yesterday when I delighted in a t-shirt and jeans ensemble for our shopping trip, I couldn't think of any other pair of shoes to wear but theeeeese onnnnnze :)
shoes: Badgley Mischka
That's right, I decided to wear my wedding shoes with jeans and a tee y'all.  Why not??

I love black and gold as daily jewelry wear.  My necklace was found at a vintage boutique.  The bracelet is also a necklace by Swarovski.

My new denim is from Zara and very stretchy.  With curvier legs, that's all a girl like me can entertain: denim with spandex.  Hugs those curves tight because its got nothin but love for 'em :)  I have two pairs of denim.  A light, worn pair for Summer and a super dark pair for A/W.  What can I say, I keep it simple.

I am back at the sewing machine so I'm excited to show my new items.  It will also give me something to do rather than pacing back and forth waiting for my wedding photos...  Which I will show as soon as  it is physically possible :)

Thank you for all the congrats and keep visiting for more Tiny Closet Fall wear!!


  1. Welcome Back!!!
    Cannot wait to see the wedding photo's, as you might have guessed.
    Keep well!

  2. Aww Natalie those jeans look incredible on you! And massive congratulations :D

  3. I wore my wedding shoes after my wedding, also. I agree. Why not? I love your blog.